O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer


a special what’s happenin to all our disco zombie werewolf readers! we got a new track that’s got yer name on it. can you say halloween ’09 anthem? WE CAN! “dead disco dancer” is the latest single from up and coming nick cave admirers (check the band name!) O. Children. watching the vid, we can tell singer tobi o’kandi is a walking 24/7 halloween party. rock that thriller lean, homey! it’s monster mash 2009! “so let’s have.. a party to rememberrrr”!!

O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer
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rating: 8.4

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Electric Wire Hustle – “They Don’t Want”


“they don’t want” is new from wellington, new zealand-based act electric wire hustle. how RIDICULOUS is this track? how CRAZY are the vocal chops on singer Mara TK? how PERFECT is the melding of diverse yet complimentary influences? (Marvin, Dilla, Mingus, etc) how DOPE are the production choices and instrumentation? HOLY SHIT! THESE GUYS ARE THE REAL DEAL! OUR MINDS ARE STRAIGHT BLOWN!

Electric Wire Hustle – “They Don’t Want”

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rating: 9.2


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