Sia – Chandelier


One of pop’s greatest constructors Sia is back today with a propulsive new single, “Chandelier”. Complete with pop radio-ready drums and mountain-sized chart-relevant vocal hooks, the new track introduces much of the writing acumen Ms. Furler has acquired in the last couple years writing Hot 100 staples for artists like Rihanna and Britney. Look for a new LP from Sia coming this summer on RCA.

Sia australia (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.8


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SXSW 2014: B3SCI’S 15 Most Anticipated Acts


100s (Berkeley CA)


Angel Olsen (Chicago IL)


Arthur Beatrice (London UK)


BANKS (Los Angeles CA)


Chloe Howl (London UK)


Damon Albarn (London UK)


Jungle (London UK)


Kaytranada (Montreal QC)


LIZ (Los Angeles CA)


Sam Smith (London UK)


Sango (Grand Rapids MI)


SOHN (Vienna AUT)


SZA (Los Angeles CA)


The Preatures (Sydney AU)


Tinashe (Los Angeles CA)

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Cubby – Cold (Feat. Kwane and Current)


BK-based vocalist Cubby makes his formal debut with warm electronics-soaked R&B of “Cold” featuring emcees Kwane and Current. A+

Cubby newyork Soundcloud)

Rating: 8.3


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If you like jams — you know, good ones. Like the sort of jams that you have to play over and over. Then have a listen. Tennessee indie electro-R&b crew B A S E C A M P have put a fresh spin on “All That She Wants,” the ’98 smash hit from Ace Of Base. It’s no surprise that (20+ years later) we still can’t get this melody out of our head. Pick up the track on limited edition A/B side 7″ vinyl coming soon via Turntable Kitchen. And for more BASECAMP, have a read at our interview with the band last summer.


Wednesday March 12th – 3:00 – 3:30 – Secret Sounds – Holy Mountain
Wednesday March 12th – 11:10 -11:45PM -ASCAP – Red Eyed Fly
Friday March 14th – 2:00 -2:30PM – Dickies & Amazon – Bangers
Friday March 14th – 6:15 – 6:45PM – Vitalic Noise – Krave
Saturday March 15th – 4:00 – 4:30PM – The Green Room – The Brew Exchange
Saturday March 15h – 9:45 – 10:15PM – It’s A School Night – The Parish

BASECAMP (Official)

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MISUN – All For Leyna (Billy Joel Cover)


Hot off the heels of a new 7″ MISUN keep the universe guessing with this 180-degree take on Billy Joel’s “All For Leyna” from 1980’s Glass Houses. Singer Misun from the band is actually a huge Billy Joel fan, which given the band’s eclectic nature and early Joel-esque knack for irresistible left-field pop shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Complete with an a capella breakdown and Nacey’s Baltimore/Jersey inspired club beats, MISUN transform “Leyna” into a 21st century electronic pop anthem. Grab yourself a download below.

Misun maryland (Facebook) (Purchase 7″)

Rating 8.4


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Talos – Tethered Bones


Wow, what a tune by the Cork-based Eoin French aka Talos. “Tethered Bones” has the skeleton of an absolute hit with its incredible production, uncommonly smooth melody and haunting guitar and synths. I am truly blinded by the beauty of this track. Think he can make a quick trip to Austin next week? By Brian Litwin

Talos ireland (Soundcloud)

Rating 9.0


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Premiere: Bedouin – Up All Night


The precise focused pensiveness of Cat Power, the windswept far-away aesthetic of Hope Sandoval and the warm at-ease tone of Dusty Springfield are a few introductory aesthetic touchstones for newcomer L.A. artist Bedouin. But rather than a sum of a resume of influences or a one sheet of hyperbolic praise and notions, the worldly well-traveled Bedouin (she grew up admist an amalgamation of different cultures and environments) sings and composes from a broader and, as is evidenced in her music, immensely affecting place that is completely her own. We’re privileged to premiere the stunning “Up All Night” from Bedouin’s forthcoming s/t EP.

Bedouin (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.1


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Premiere: Ida Maria – Sick of You


Ida Maria is back—in a big way. She’s known for her global hit “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” off of 2008’s Fortress ‘round My Heart. Ida’s 2010 album Katla was superb but under appreciated. During her brief hiatus, Ida overcame an alcohol addiction and has come out blazing on the other side. Her brand new, excellent EP Accidental Happiness is now streaming on SoundCloud and available digitally on iTunes. Ida has always been all about rock and roll, but she’s never hit the hammer harder than she does on this bonus track “Sick of You”. Think melodic retro garage punk at its most wicked. She’s sounds very sick of someone whom she wants to “fuck off”, but the song’s an irresitable fun romp with more hooks in it than a closet. Reviewed By Bruce Rave

Ida Maria: (Official)

Hear Bruce’s “Go Deep With Bruce Rave” weekly new music show on Indie1031/Los Angeles and WSUM-FM/Madison. Details and archived shows can be found on his blog and be sure follow Bruce on Twitter too!

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Interview with King Avriel

king avriel

LA based indie-R&B lord on the rise King avriel recently took a break from composing awesome new jams to chat with B3SCI writer Cheryl Dunn about the origins of her sound, musical passions and a forthcoming full length project. Have a read at their chat below and take a look at her new music video for “Freedom.”

B3SCI: As what feels like a lifetime fan of Hey Arnold!, I have to say it is an honor to meet the voice of Timberly…

King Avriel: Haha the pleasure is truly all mine.

B3SCI: As someone who has been playing and making music your whole life, how do you feel now that you are finally releasing your first EP? What was the process like for you culminating to this moment? What are you most excited for?

King avriel: I’m really excited. I think this project and the songs I’ve been releasing to lead up to it are the best music I’ve ever made. I’ve never been as proud of anything I’ve done before as I am with this upcoming release. And, it’s been a long, tumultuous journey; I had to overcome some really dark valleys, but this moment feels like survival. I’m beginning to see how resilient I really am. And as a young woman, it’s exciting to start recognizing my true strength. I’m most excited to share that journey with others in the stories I tell on this project, because I have a hunch my experience was not an uncommon one.

B3SCI: When and how do you like to approach most of your song writing? Is it something you are constantly doing on the fly, or do you set time aside?

King avriel: Songs come from different places. My biggest challenge is just making sure I write down my inspiration when it hits. Sometimes I get a hook idea, or just a song concept and I have to be really diligent about writing everything down in my journal or on my phone, even if it’s just a word or two. So, in that sense I’m always writing on the fly. But, then I set time aside to come back to those ideas and flesh them out. Sometimes all the ideas I have come up with while I’m on the go are total shit, so I just have to start writing from scratch. However, I feel like I always have something that’s weighing on my mind at all times, so then it’s just a matter of confronting whatever conflict is currently affecting my experience.

B3SCI: With your alias, your name King avriel, and with your music video for “Freedom,” (watch it below) you’ve seemed to open up a great dialogue about the importance of breaking free from gender binaries. Can you tell us about your name change and video message, and why is opening this discussion amongst your fans most important to you?

King avriel: Yeah! I mean I’m always amazed at how meaning can be packed into language in so many different ways. I’m always trying to find ways to layer meaning while still being economical with words… I feel like that’s what is at the heart of poetry and lyricism. That’s what makes the game of song writing so fun! So, that same philosophy to writing has been applied to my name. The word King is so heavy and loaded, both politically and emotionally, for many people. When I call myself King, I’m saying that women can be kings. I can have just as much power as a man, and a man can still be a king too. And, while the “a” in avriel is lowercase to take emphasis off of my individuality, the “K” is capitalized to emphasize the collective. I’m not just calling myself a king, I’m saying everyone has this potential should they choose to embody it. We are all kings waiting to be self-recognized. The dialogue has been really interesting and exciting as well, because some people don’t believe I can be a king — I feel that those people are really living in the past. I’m trying to give people an idea of a future where everyone has equal value in this society.

B3SCI: What can fans expect from you in 2014? Are you planning on releasing a full length or any new music? Do you have plans to tour or play any festivals?

King avriel: So, the project I’m releasing soon is full length. But, I would say that you can expect the music to take an interesting turn very soon. Everything you’ve heard thus far is not a good representation of me. I actually had already finished my project when I recorded “Paranormal,” “Failed Messiah,” “Prelude,” and “Freedom” one week just on some random shit. I wasn’t going to put them on the project, so I figured I would just send them out and see who was feeling them. I wasn’t even expecting them to get the amount of attention they got, but we just went with it and shot the video since it felt right. But I feel like those songs are very sound-centered. Although I love that sound, what I’ve done with this project and my music in general goes far beyond that particular sound. I think people can expect the story to deepen and unfold, and for them to really begin to understand me as a story-teller first and foremost.

B3SCI: Growing up, what music inspired you most? What bands or musicians helped to shape your musical style now?

King avriel: Wow… so much! I mean I literally listened to everything from Mariah Carey and the Spice Girls, to Debussey and Phillip Glass, to Thelonius Monk and Aretha Franklin. I’ve gone through so many periods of liking specific types of music too. Like I spent a whole year listening just to Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. I really felt connected to that era of music, and what I’m into is always changing. I think most recently I’ve had Overly Dedicated, and Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat for the past year and a half or so. I always get stuck on albums and forget that there’s new music being made. I haven’t quite decided if that’s a good or bad thing yet.

King avriel california (Facebook)

Rating 8.4

boreta - honey heart

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