Laki Mera – All I Have (No Ceremony Remix)

laki mera all i have

The NOC /// crew link up with Glasgow trio Laki Mera for this minimalistic dancefloor raver of an arrangement of the forthcoming “All I Have” single. Classic, contemporary, fab, sample the sound of something fresh below.

NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

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The 1975 -The City (No Ceremony Remix///)

Manchester scene titans collide on this fresh remix of The 1975’s “The City”. Big atmospheres. We’re into it.

The 1975 england (Facebook)

NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

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Patterns – Blood (NO CEREMONY/// Remix)

NO CEREMONY’s latest offers up an electro-refix on Patterns’ recent track “Blood”. We dig.


NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

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NO CEREMONY – Holdonme

Manchester’s NO CEREMONY turn out one of their strongest works to date with “HOLDONME”. Get familiar below.

NO CEREMONY – Holdonme

NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

Rating 8.5


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B3SCI PREMIERE! The Temper Trap – Need Your Love (No Ceremony Remix)


Manchester collective No Ceremony have just dropped this official remix of “Need Your Love” from The Temper Trap’s brand new self-titled LP. The track is a mean variation, both melodic and fierce, it’s a banger for the books, and B3SCI has got your premeire. Get into it!

The Temper Trap australia (Facebook) (Purchase)

NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

Rating 8.4


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Not too much to say about any new NO CEREMONY track when it drops… except that this one features Joey Santiago from The Pixies and it fuzzes in some nice guitar work. Check it out below:


NO CEREMONY/// england (Official)

Rating 8.1


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NO CEREMONY/// bring us their latest with “DELIVERUS”. The track tries on a singer-songwriter feel proving that underneath all of those washy layers and groove based arrangements, and of course hype, there must be an internal consensus for quality writing. Pick up the track below and be on the lookout for more to come from NO CEREMONY///.


NO CEREMONY/// england? (Official)

Rating 8.6


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NO CEREMONY/// – HURTLOVE (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross Remix)


DG & RC turn in this slow burning but uplifting mix of the cagey NO CEREMONY’s “HURTLOVE”. Also check the sharp little vid the duo did for the remix below.

NO CEREMONY/// – HURTLOVE (Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross Remix)

NO CEREMONY/// england? (Official)

Rating 8.4


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Patrick Wolf – Time Of My Life (NO CEREMONY/// REMIX)


The dark! mysterious! cryptic! (ooooh spooky!) NO CEREMONY/// just turned in this glitch-y, garage-y mix of Patrick Wolf’s “Time of My Life”. Definitely feeling the track after first couple spins. And now spin three…

NO CEREMONY/// england? (Official)

Rating 8.1


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No Ceremony – Hurt Love


For every one submission we get, we probably get at least a hundred clunkers. We get a fair number of “pretty good” tracks. “Hurt Love” by No Ceremony (absolutely no clue about who these guys are, where they’re from, if they have any shows upcoming, label, hair color, favorite food, etc. nothing) is a GREAT track. Those epic on-the-one piano chords, the sync’d up melodies, it has all those characteristics of what a big track should sound like or has sounded like but it sounds like something new, something totally fresh. Couldn’t be more into it.

No Ceremony – Hurt Love

No Ceremony (Official)

Rating 8.8


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Looking Back @ SXSW 2013

THE 1975 SXSW 2013 Matt Healy

We divided and we conquered. Team B3SCI took to the streets of Austin, TX this past March for the annual SXSW Music Conference. Among the seemingly infinite amount of shows we caught by bands from all over the planet, B3 was there with non-stop coverage including exclusive interviews, take-away performance sessions, and even our B3SCI Presents first ever SX-party! So check out from SXSW 2013 some of what you missed, you remember, and what you straight up forgot about with this firsthand look back:


Sunday, March 10th

Seryn @ Holy Mountain

I must confess that I had never heard of Seryn before SXSW. On Sunday night, after a long day of trekking about, I ended up walking into Holy Mountain. As I walked in, and took a gander at the surroundings, the bar was about half full and easily navigable. As I made my way in, the band began to play; I could feel the pulse of the kick drum as the sound waves of the low end penetrated the walls, the layered vocals came through with a bright passion, the accordion mixed with the guitar and bass and complemented the percussion, creating a powerful sound that instantly grabbed me. The growing attentive audience seemed to be in on something that I’ve been missing out on. Seryn has an appreciation for skilled musicianship, that can not be replaced by a programmed loop, and their thoughtfully crafted songs are more orchestral than folk-like. It’s not hard to become a fan of Seryn. By Desiree Autobee


Monday, March 11th

Poolside @ Mohawk

I’d say the best time to go to SXSW, and not feel pressure, is the day before the music portion is officially set to start. The place to be that Monday evening was Mohawk – it was a breeze to get in and it was slated with a really great lineup. The perfect band to compliment the calm before the SXSW storm was Poolside. With chill beats and solid bass lines, their songs are ripe for a groove or two. It seemed like the entire crowd sunk their bodies into each song, willingly giving up their control for the opportunity to be transported into the rhythmic world that Poolside has so expertly created. By Desiree Autobee

Vacationer @ Mohawk

If ever there was a way to escape a bad day or a general need to have a relaxing good time, I’d recommend seeing a Vacationer show. Their midnight slot at Mohawk on Monday night was packed and it set a great tone for the remainder of SXSW. Vacationer sounded just as good live as they do on the album. Kenny Vasoli does a great job as a frontman, translating Vacationer’s subtly subdued electro-pop sound into a performance that is every bit as energetic as the music is laid-back. Vasoli was genuinely appreciative of the crowd that night, mentioning the band had played SXSW the year before without much notoriety; extensive touring since then with bands along the likes of Tennis, Body Language, and Niki & The Dove, as well as music placements and coverage by the music community has catapulted Vacationer’s fan base – deservedly so. By Desiree Autobee


Tuesday, March 12th

Dan Croll @ Cheer Up Chalie’s

Dan Croll hit it out of the park Tuesday afternoon at Cheer Up Charlie’s. His electronic-fused singer/songwriter pop was truly infectious and took hold of the audience. He and his band played tight, sounding great in addition to being charming with banter in between songs. Croll has become a true professional in the short time that he’s made an impact on the music scene. By Desiree Autobee

Zak Waters @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

Zak Waters is a force to be reckoned with. From the moment go, he and his band made you almost forget it was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. Waters’ high energy matched the high danceability to his soulful music and the crowd couldn’t move from stage-one (previous performance) to stage-two (where he was) fast enough; Cheer Up Charlie’s turned into a midday dance party. I saw many bands play at SXSW, Zak Waters was a standout. By Desiree Autobee

Guards @ Empire Control Room

New York’s Guards have been creating a stir. They delivered a stellar set at the Empire Control Room on Tuesday despite crappy sound in a room that seems mostly perfect for hardcore punk or metal bands. In a live setting Guards have a straight forward, energetic, hard pop approach that supports consistently good songs. Their debut album is yet to drop, but last song of their set, “Ready to Go” is a single that is putting people on notice that this is a band to watch. By Bruce Rave

Young Girls @ BD Riley’s

Roaming about on 6th St., I followed my ears into BD Riley’s Irish Pub. The scene was a bit strange at first, as I walked in and felt as though I had interrupted a PTA dinner convention, but the music was in wonderful stark contrast to the visual before me, and sounded like it should have been coming from a sun-kissed Levi’s commercial (or similar,etc). It became easy to forget about the people around me and the chaos outside, and to focus on the warm, retro-garage pop being played. Young Girls aren’t young girls, rather they are a quartet of young men, and their music makes you want to take a sick day and head out to the beach. Song after song, they played their hearts out and created a hazy west-coast vibe in the middle of SXSW. This Texas band is one to watch. By Desiree Autobee


Wednesday, March 13th

Blondfire SXSW 2013


Amidst non-stop touring in support of their numerous successful and recent releases, around noon, Blondfire kicked off the B3SCI Presents dayparty at Maggie Mae’s with a line out the door. Erica Driscoll took charge of her four-piece band, initiating the first daytime of SXSW music with a high energy output of hits and fan favorites like “Where The Kids Are,” “Waves” and “Trojans.”



For their first ever show in the United States NO CEREMONY /// delivered a stirring representation of ambient pop music without hesitation. The Manchester collective performed as a trio, and their electronic set up was accompanied with live vocals, guitars, bass and a variety of percussion. Stunning graphics displayed via mounted projector on stage with the band, accenting yet another layer of depth behind the elusive band. I went on to see /// NOC three more times during SXSW and thus are one of our favorite take-aways from the festival.

Ghost Beach SXSW 2013


Having seen Ghost Beach perform before, I knew to expect a high energy, electro-pop blow out from the band at Maggie Mae’s for B3SCI’s showcase. The New York duo absolutely rocked the house and have since become a favorite of mine. Playing different songs from their self-titled EP and 2012 release Modern Tongues, Ghost Beach proved to be on the lips of a lot of people at SXSW. It also helps that they would go on to play 8 showcases during the conference. Worth noting, the band had recently taken an ad space in Times Square promoting a social experiment of theirs that asks artists if they are for or against piracy. It’s pretty cool, check it out here. By Brian Litwin

phil beaudreau SXSW 2013

Phil Beaudreau w/ Dawaun Parker @ B3SCI PRESENTS @ MAGGIE MAE’S

Phil Beaudreau took to the rooftop at Maggie Mae’s with Grammy Award winning producer Dawaun Parker for a first time ever live performance on Wednesday at SXSW. You wouldn’t have known it though. The LA based duo root back to Berklee U in Boston and they had a certain chemistry on stage. Performing early tracks surfaced from Beaudreau’s anticipated debut, Ether, like “This Is Why,” “Anyway,” and “Take It High,” in addition to unreleased material, the two worked the stage. The group’s collaboration of progressive urban beats and new school soul is a winning sound for pop in our books. You can check some footage of their performance here.

Gold Fields SXSW 2013


Gold Fields didn’t merely play the B3SCI Presents SXSW party, they stormed it. The energy of their live show surprises those who only know their Black Sunday album, which the band toned down to display their electronic nuances. Their set-closer “Moves” was the most dynamic single song I heard played all week in Austin, and many people were talking about this band’s live shows. By Bruce Rave



SKATERS seemed to have a lot to say in Austin this year. The band is hot off the heels of their “I Wanna Dance” single with some major press surrounding it. Live, the band is loud, tight and singer Michael Ian Cummings was as charismatic as dare we say.. Julian Casablancas. But more than anything, the self described plasma-punks delivered the goods. Not like your too-frequent NYC guitar band, SKATERS have a direct quality. A sound that’s to the point, one that will last well beyond most basements in Williamsburg. A recently announced national tour with Portugal. The Man might serve as some indication of this bands potential and future trajectory.

THE 1975 SXSW 2013 2


One of the most exciting acts of SXSW 2013 was Manchester’s The 1975. Being big fans of this band from their early days, it was surreal to see them headline the first ever B3SCI Presents SX-event. It became clear that The 1975 raise the bar when it comes to performing. With live shows a big part of their message, the band spared no expense showcasing their major festival ready material, intricate arrangements, explosive performance and impressive musicianship. Besides the musical inclination, there is a timelessly dramatic quality to their sound, offering elements that a diverse climate of fans can relate to. With their pleathera of jukebox ready tunes, and a capitivating live performance to boot, The 1975 were a standout of SXSW for many that we talked to. Keep an eye out for a debut album from the lads dropping later this 2013.

Trails and Ways B3sci SXSW 2013


Passion & belief, the two things that, for us, define a lot of Trails & Ways live show… and really much anything about the Bay Area band’s trajectory up to now. The band’s connection to their (excellent) material and to their performance is really remarkable. A singular and unique mix of indie pop, Brazilian music and R&B; songs like single “Nunca” and the sunny yet literate “Border Crosser” come off in comparable quality to the records, but with that added art-as-experience (and aforementioned) belief and passion. Trails & Ways are a band that has to make (this) music and has to make records like this. To experience it is really very powerful.


Flume @ Red 7

21 year old producer Harley Streten, has garnished a lot of attention in recent months. From releasing tracks that have exploded all over the internet and in turn making his self titled album Flume a platinum record in his home country of Australia, the hype behind him has been large. The line to see Flume at Red 7 was huge, and a lot fans waiting knew they weren’t going to get into one of the evening’s hotter showcases at the venue as well (CHVRCHES was playing just 30 minutes after in the larger patio area). Harley came out a bit slow, but things picked up quickly. He dropped familiar tracks to those who follow him like “Insane,” “On Top,” “Left Alone” and a crowd favorite “Holdin’ On”. By Brian Litwin

Autre Ne Veut SXSW 2013

Autre Ne Veut @ Empire Auto Club

Arthur Ashin aka Autre Ne Veut has made waves with his new release Anxiety on Software Records. With a lot of hype comes a lot of expectations and at the Empire Auto Club Autre Ne Veut met all of them. Ripping through the album’s two singles “Counting” and “Play By Play,” he had the entire audience in awe. Though the experimental pop singer’s music is not very intense, the live performance is. Autre Ne Veut was all over the stage literally throwing himself into falsettos and dropping down to the ground with the heaviness of the lyrics. I can easily say that this was the best performance I saw at SXSW. By Brian Litwin



Of the last to be announced by SXSW, CHVRCHES (pronounced churches) might have won ‘the most buzz’ award at this years SXSW. The Glasgow three piece is an electropop group, consisting of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. The trio fulfilled much of the hype surrounding them at Red 7 that Thursday night. Having gained numerous fans online and the attention of indie all-stars Glassnote Records, CHRVCHES came out calm and collected. Bouncing between the select amount of songs they have, they had the Red 7 crowd grooving, playing hits like “Recover” and “The Mother We Share.” By Brian Litwin


Thursday, March 14th



Given the explosive success for bands like Foster the People following SXSW 2011, Sir Sly were high on my list of bands to see in Austin this year. Like the aforementioned, the trio are from Los Angeles and only had 3 songs out before the conference. The differences are though plenty still, and definitely in tone and image. Sir Sly have a darker sensibility to their pop music. Near equally as melodic, their live show is also more refined. Sir Sly delivered a solid set of new material proving that they too are ones to be watched out for in 2013.



There was little known about Haerts leading into SXSW 2013. With no pictures of the band available on line, and only one song, “Wings” (of which is great) available, the packed back patio at the Red Eyed Fly anxiously awaited the band’s set. And the multi-cultural collective based out of NYC Hearts delivered on expectations, doing so with a dynamic performance of new material. With enough contemporary elements to maintain a progressive sound in today’s musical ecosphere, my favorite elements of the band harkened at their classic rock roots, summoning CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, and Neil Yong to name a few.

MØ SXSW 2013


MØ (pronounced meh I’m pretty sure…) was a favorite surprise of the week. Also, with only a few tracks released to her name, the Danish female indie popstar in the making took to stage with an attitude that beemed nothing short of confidence. Her music is almost as unique as her name and presence: high energy, tons of odd contortions, and really really good. Excited to see what the future holds for this young artist that definitely knows how to operate outside of the box.

Phosphorecent SXSW 2013

Phosphorescent @ Willie Nelson’s Ranch

I had the incredible opportunity to get away from the chaos of SXSW and join some of the locals at Willie Nelson’s Luck, Texas ranch for the Heartbreaker Banquet showcase. Topping the bill for this small capacity outdoor venue were Jim James and Michael Kiwanuka. Though buzzing artist Phosphorescent is who caught my eye. The booze was free that day, the weather was incredible and the fans came by the mini-van full, making a perfect setting for the Matthew Houck lead group. It was more than appropriate for Phosphorescent to play at Willie Nelson’s Ranch considering his 2009 release was titled To Willie, and his most recent album Muchacho, is getting rave reviews. The single off Muchacho, “Song For Zula,” might just be one to see some radio play in 2013. By Brian Litwin


Toy @ Cedar Street Courtyard

This was the first-ever US gig for this Brit band. They had just arrived in Austin the late night before. Their single is “Motoring” and that is a perfect description of Toy’s live show, which literally motors along. They play tight and are capable of longer jams, for example their performance of tracks like “Kopter”. Toy anticipate an extensive US tour upon approval of longer-term visas. By Bruce Rave

The Neighbourhood SXSW 2013 1

The Neighbourhood @ ASOS Lounge

Having exploded as one of the most talked about bands of the past year The Neighbourhood came well equipped to their first ever SXSW. Cohesive is actually a good way of putting it. The Neighbourhood is a band without identity crisis. Their look is as dapper punk as their music is similarly pop. Indie rock with the lush overtones of the pacific coast crashed through The Neighbourhood’s set of most spectacular, alternative radio friendly songs. Much more to come from The Neighbourhood.

Peace @ The Mohawk

The Birmingham, UK band Peace are still very new to the rock and roll limelight. They have a compelling, slightly dark, slightly off kilter style and look that totally works. Peace had some tight songs such as “Wraith” and “Bloodshake,” but also stretched out on a dark jam every now and then. Peace are psychedlic Brit rockers for the radar. By Bruce Rave

Palma Violets SXSW 2013

Palma Violets @ The Mohawk

These UK newbies showed that their pre-album NME hype was well deserved. Palma Violets had NME’s #1 track of 2012 with “Best Of Friends”. This band has an onstage confidence that would lead us to believe they’d been topping the charts for 5 years. They completely nailed “Best Of Friends” live, while the entire set hammered us with consistency, power, and intensity. By Bruce Rave

Disclosure SXSW 2013

Disclosure @ 1100 Warehouse

The Disclosure duo, consisting of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, was a must see at this year’s SXSW. Everyone was at this show, industry players, fans, bloggers and even fellow DJ duo Bondax. The set was pure fire, blasting their singles “Latch” and “White Noise” and at the same time infusing live elements like drums, vocals and bass. People didn’t care that it was well past midnight for the beginning of their set, and that the venue was far removed from the more congested 6th street. They all came to see one the top draws of the whole festival, and Disclosure didn’t disappoint. By Brian Litwin



Jake Bugg took to arms with just his acoustic guitar at the Hype Hotel for a brief set late Thursday night. Possibly because things were delayed, and it was something like 2am, but the young lad from Knottingham brought his mod folk song sensibility to the eager crowd. The writing wisdom of the 18 years old Bugg is pretty incredible, combining influences from Dylan to Ashcroft. Only a microphone and a guitar is all Jake Bugg will ever need.


Friday, March 15th

Alpine @ Red 7

The debut LP from Alpine was released in their native Australia last year. It’s not often that a band can make a quality album from beginning to finish, but Alpine has done just that. The band apply that same level of craftsmanship to their live performance as well. During one of their SXSW shows at Red 7 on Friday, I noticed a few fans up front (myself included), the band played to a mostly fresh crowd, as the troves poured in during their set. Each song Alpine played built upon the previous, gaining momentum and energy as the set went on, turning a room full of unsuspecting ears into a room full of grooving SX-goers. Alpine have a unique formula for blending rock, pop, vocal and synth elements, seemingly creating new song forms altogether. Frontwomen Phoebe Baker and Lou James artfully combined demureness with high energy, for a dynamic performance that the band and the audience came alive from. By Desiree Autobee


Merchandise @ Red 7

Punks turned Artful Punks, Merchandise most definitely brought the Punk to SXSW. They rather fortuitously (or not, depending on your perspective) also brought pieces and parts of the more updated elements of their sound to their brief late afternoon set at Red 7. Aside from the weirdness (read hilariousness) of the band members accents sounding EXACTLY like some of my family from Tampa, FL., Merchandise’s performance was loud, noisy, fast and really really good.

Different Sleep @ Hudon’s on Fifth

If you read B3SCI, then you know that Different Sleep’s name pops up on the frequent. There is good reason for that. For being a sophomore in college, Rafa Alvarez amazes us constantly with his downtempo, chillers. I got a chance to chat with him and catch his set at Hudson’s on 5th. His set was dope and expect to hear my exclusive interview with him on the streets of Austin via B3SCI sometime soon. By Brian Litwin

San Cisco @ Maggie Mae’s

Keeping it in the British Commonwealth, Australia’s San Cisco has improved exponentially every time I’ve seen them perform. This very young band scoarched an onlooking crowd with tightness and energy at Maggie Mae’s on Friday. Highlights included “Awkward” and “Rocket Ships” from their Awkward EP. With talented 19 year old singer Jordi Davieson at the helm, San Cisco are proving themselves highly popular with the young girls, and they also did very well playing just before The Vaccines at a show that I had caught in LA not too long ago. By Bruce Rave

Beware of Darkness @ Blackheart

Beware of Darkness is a young LA trio that rocks hard. For a power trio this band is inventive. Think Zeppelin meets early Bowie. Like many of these more promising bands, they have yet to release an album, but their song “Howl” is a winning single. Frontman Kyle Nicolaides shows major star potential. By Bruce Rave

Bondax SXSW 2013


Things got down really quick at La Zona Rosa when UK DJ duo Bondax, George Townsend and Adam Kaye, took over the decks. At this venue near the river, fans got to experience what the UK has been digging for quite some time. Switching between who was at the helm, George opened the set with Moon Boots’ remix of “Gold,” which set the party off right. Throwing in some deep house and smooth samples and closing the set with the original version of “Gold,” Bondax really put their foot down on Austin. Review By Brian Litwin


Savages @ 1100 Warehouse

We’ve heard “Husbands” a lot. It’s one of those “buzz singles” that’s not easy to miss. “Husbands, husbands, husbands”, it’s all right and ok; the single plays fine enough. The walloping we got with the London band’s 1100 Warehouse set, though, was a complete surprise, and most definitely one of the strongest sets we experienced during the whole of SXSW. Heavy, and in the best sort of highly focused, highly compressed, highly syncopated kind of way; Savages live set deviates tremendously from their records. And most notably, the instinctiveness of crop-cut singer Jehnny Beth, and the quietness, rage and laser intensity through which her performance and vocal is really special, and easily one of Savages’ best assets.



I can’t think of a better place for FIDLAR to have played late Friday night than FIlter’s Clive Bar on Rainy Street. The house party vibe is all set. It’s a house, the band is in the back yard, the beer was flowing everywhere, you could barely move an inch in any direction and the band tore the roof off (if there was one). A rock and roll band for another generation of musical youths, FIDLAR bring the party wherever they go. See this band live.

Charlotte Church SXSW 2013

Charlotte Church @ VEVO Control Room

Yes, that Charlotte Church. The PBS “Girl With The Golden Voice of an Angel” turned trashbag pop star/tabloid pariah’s return to music ran through SXSW and a performance at the oddly named VEVO Control Room. Well… the set, the material, the performance were all phenomenal (really phenomenal). The notion that Ms. Church can sing has never really been questioned and the vocal she gave during this show was truly something special. Charlotte’s new Bjork meets Earth Mother meets Portishead meets ? sound, and the structure of her songs, really gives her the ability and opportunity to perform and showcase the outstanding quality of her singing. It’s almost as if singing in a pop format is something that she’s only now first realizing.


Ryan Hemsworth @ 512

We made it rain Pokemon cards in the club. Though beat dropper/rainman Ryan Hemsworth didn’t repeat that deluging down of Charizards & Bulbasaurs for the crowded 512 Rooftop, the Halifax native did well to translate to a live setting his realer than Real Deal Holyfield mix of electro booty rap mixes and Legend of Zelda-referencing space bass jams.


Rudimental @ Hype Hotel

You could spot all the real Britons assembled at Hype Hotel for electronic/R&B crossover act Rudimental’s late night set by who knew how to dance to drum & bass and who didn’t. Moving in time with a drum & bass rhythm is something that has alluded us Americans for what seems like millennia. Rudimental, who went 9-deep on stage, did well enough to keep all the Solange (next act on stage) kids checked into the Hype Hotel engaged and interested in material they were likely hearing for the first time. The energetic 30-40 minute set was definitely highlighted by the big energy (these Brits work on stage) performance of new single “Waiting All Night” and the impressive vocal of singer Ella Eyre.



Blue Hawaii SXSW 2013

Blue Hawaii @ HYPE HOTEL

Riding a wave of chill infused daytime disco, Blue Hawaii are at the front of a movement that is only becoming more popular. The male/female duo did an exempilary job of delivering their material in a live setting. Their combination of live sampling manipulation and vocal performance was both exciting and intriguing in a live setting.

Shlohmo, Mount Kimbie, Baauer @ 1100 Warehouse

Things got down right dirty at the 1100 Warehouse for the Ray Ban – Boiler Room sponsored party on the last night of SXSW. With a lineup such as the one that the Boiler Room had curated, things were bound to get weird and possibly blow up in everyone’s faces. Chief Keef was supposed to be a main draw for the show, but knowing his history and legal issues, he did not show up. The reason is still up in the air, but really, who cares. Before things even got started, you could tell the production team and people from the Boiler Room looked worried at potential technical difficulties bound to happen. Unfortunately, this was the overall theme.

Hitting the stage first was the young LA based, oddball producer Shlohmo. With all that was going on at the venue and with visuals all over the walls, Shlohmo’s beats were a perfect soundtrack to the night. Flipping through different mixes, the crowd already excited just by being in the Warehouse started really feeling it. Joining Shlohmo on stage for a track were The Underachievers, sharing only one mic.

Lunice then hit the decks, throwing together a monster set, making way for Mount Kimbie. The London duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos had been ‘the’ electronic act in 2010. On this night, with again all the technical issues, they played some old tunes and some new tunes. The Austin audience started to feel their unique and “post-dubstep” sounds. For their only performance at SXSW this year, they definitely made it worth it.

The smoothest set out of all of them was Baauer’s and RL Grime’s back to back. The bass was extra heavy and as the decks switched back and forth, the crowd got rowdier and rowdier. Harry Rodrigues, Baauer, and Henry Steinway, RL Grime, are both young, talented bass engineers who have incredible futures in front of them. Of course, Baauer has seen more fame with the viral craze of his hit “Harlem Shake,” while RL Grime has made a nice name for himself in the music community as well.

This party, on paper, was one for the ages, and it was, but all the issues it had hampered the overall success of it a bit. Skream closed out the show with a set, and this video [above] kind of says it all… Review By Brian Litwin

Haim SXSW 2013


One of the most exciting acts that I’d seen come out of SXSW 2012 was Haim. Low and behold, a year later, and the sisters lead group were packing the house at one of SXSW’s largest capacity venues. Haim have done justice to their hype. There songs are anthemic and have the perfect new wave of pop, indie production and classic rock sensibility. Speaking of classic rock – ehemmm, Fleetwood Mac, the collective even shamelessly, and appropriately, covered them during their set. Haim delivered the perfect cap to a SXSW festival that had been most insightful and musically rewarding.

*See below for more pictures and a mix of tunes from our favorite artists at SXSW this year!

Kids these days SXSW 2013
Kids These Days @ Hype Hotel

MS MR @ Hype Hotel

TOY Guitar SXSW 2013
TOY @ Latitude 30

Citizens! @ Tap Room

NO CEREMONY /// @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room

NO CEREMONY /// @ Latitude 30

FIDLAR @ Clive Bar

HAERTS @ Red 7

Trails and Ways SXSW 2013
Trails and Ways @ Club DeVille

WILDCAT! WILDCAT! @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio

THE 1975 SXSW 2013
The 1975 @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio

THE 1975 SXSW 2013 1
The 1975 @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio

Little Daylight SXSW 2013
Little Daylight @ Brew Exchange

Marika Hackman SXSW 2013
Marika Hackman @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room

Tashaki Miyaki
Tashaki Miyaki @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room

Giraffage SXSW 2013
Giraffage @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio


Mayer Hawthorne SXSW 2013
Mayer Hawthorne Listening Party @ W Hotel

Solange @ Hype Hotel

Rush Midnight SXSW 2013
Rush Midnight @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio

St. Lucia @ Hype Hotel

Dawaun Parker Phil Beaudreau SXSW 2013
Phil Beaudreau w/ Dawaun Parker @ B3SCI Presents. Maggie Mae’s Rooftop Patio

Goldroom @ Hype Hotel

Foxes SXSW 2013
FOXES @ Hype Hotel

The Neighbourhood SXSW 2013
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SXSW-time is here (happiness and cheer). Hello SXSW 2013. How are we doing? B3’s annual hour-by-hour preview and prognostication of SX Music is back for 2013. We’ve got all the can’t miss sets and showcases you’ll want to be at covered. From Tuesday to Saturday, Antone’s to The Whiskey Room, Congress Street to that area where Stubb’s is by the Police Station, Team B3 presents our SX 2013 picks. p.s. If you’ve been sleeping and haven’t yet signed up for our A-class Day Party at Maggie Mae’s on Wednesday afternoon you can sort that out here.


Brooklyn band DIIV play the Red 7 patio @ 1:00 A.M. on Tuesday.

Showcases where you’ll want to be:
1) BBC Radio 1 @ Latitude 30: Bastille, Lucy Rose, Willy Moon, Tall Ships, The 1975 & Y Niwl
2) Pitchfork @ Mohawk: Icona Pop, Cloud Nothings, Marnie Stern, John Talabot, Azari & III, Blue Hawaii, Hundred Waters
3) The Syndicate’s Conflict of Interest @ Hype Hotel: Cold War Kids, Ra Ra Riot, Ivan & Alyosha, Little Green Cars

Can’t miss sets:
8:00-8:59 PM:
1) Blondfire @ The Belmont (8:20)
2) Charli XCX @ The Belmont (8:00)
3) Ivan & Alyosha @ Hype Hotel

9:00-9:59 PM:
1) TOKiMONSTA @ Antone’s (9:00)
2) Lucy Rose @ Latitude 30 (9:00)
3) Blue Hawaii @ Mohawk Indoor (9:30)

10:00-10:59 PM:
1) St. Lucia @ Antone’s (10:00)
2) Hundred Waters @ Mohawk Indoor (10:15)
3) Tall Ships @ Latitude 30 (10:10)

11:00-11:59 PM:
1) The 1975 @ Latitude 30 (11:00)
2) Cloud Nothings @ Mohawk Outdoor (11:30)
3) Little Green Cars @ Hype Hotel

12:00-12:59 AM:
1) DIIV @ Red 7 Patio (12:00)
2) Hit-Boy @ 404 Austin (12:20)
3) Icona Pop @ Mohawk Indoor (12:00)

1:00-1:59 AM:
1) John Talabot @ Mohawk Indoor (1:15)
2) Nicolas Jaar @ The North Door (1:00)
3) Bastille @ Latitude 30 (1:00)


The Neighbourhood play Club de Ville @ Midnight on SXSW Wednesday Night

Favorite Showcases:
1) NPR @ Stubb’s: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cafe Tacvba, Alt-J, Youth Lagoon
2) Windish Agency Showcase @ Red 7: Poolside, NO CEREMONY, The Thermals, CHRVCHES, Dan Croll
3) Vans @ Mohawk: Ghostface Killah, Sky Ferreira, Iggy and the Stooges, The Specials

Favorite Sets:
7:00-7:59 PM:
1) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Stubb’s (7:45)
2) Family of the Year @ Moody Theater (7:45)
3) Anuhea @ Old School (7:30)
4) Ab-Soul @ 404 Austin (7:30)
5) Japandroids @ Mohawk Outdoor (7:30)

8:00-8:59 PM:
1) Wild Belle @ Haven (8:00)
2) Iggy and the Stooges @ Mohawk Outdoor (8:00)
3) Schoolboy Q @ 404 Austin (8:30)
4) Fallulah @ Old School (8:30)
5) Lucius @ The Parish (8:30)

9:00-9:59 PM:
1) Tom Odell @ Haven (9:00)
2) Kendrick Lamar @ 1100 Warehouse (9:00)
3) Merchandise @ Viceland (9:00)
4) Peace @ Red 7 Patio (9:30)
5) The Orwells @ Hype Hotel (9:30)
Prev. Mentioned: Blue Hawaii @ Elysium (9:00)

10:00-10:59 PM
1) Caveman @ IFC Crossroads House (10:00)
2) Phosphorescent @ Hype Hotel (10:15)
3) Rudimental @ La Zona Rosa (10:20)
4) The Black Angels @ Buffalo Billiards (10:00)
5) AZARI & III @ Bungalo (10:00)
Prev. Mentioned: The 1975 @ Red Eyed Fly (10:30)

11:00-11:59 PM:
1) Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Stubb’s (11:00)
2) PAPA @ Red Eyed Fly (11:20)
3) Just Blaze @ La Zona Rosa (11:40)
4) Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Scoot Inn (11:15)
5) SOHN @ Red 7 (11:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Hundred Waters @ The Tap Room at Six (11:00), Icona Pop @ Viceland (11:00)

12:00-12:59 AM:
1) The Neighbourhood @ Club de Ville (12:00)
2) Alt-J @ Stubb’s (12:30)
3) Flume @ Red 7 (12:00)
4) Jake Bugg @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (12:00)
5) Sky Ferreira @ Mohawk Outdoor (12:10)
Prev. Mentioned: AZARI & III @ The Tap Room at Six (12:00), John Talabot @ Elysium (12:00)

1:00-1:59 AM:
1) Ghostface Killah @ Mohawk Outdoor (1:00)
2) Foxes @ Red Eyed Fly (1:00)
3) Wyclef Jean @ 404 Austin (1:00)
4) White Lung @ Holy Mountain (1:20)
5) Alpine @ Empire Control Room (1:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Charli XCX @ Club de Ville (1:00)


Bay Area bossa-pop crew Trails & Ways check into the Hype Hotel @ 9 PM

Favorite Showcases:
1) Pitchfork @ 1100 Warehouse: Disclosure, Ryan Hemsworth, FIDLAR, Sky Ferreira, Savages, Pissed Jeans
2) BET Music Matters @ Brazos Hall: T.I., Schoolboy Q, Joey Bada$$, Chrisette Michele, BJ The Chicago Kid
3) The Hype Machine @ Hype Hotel: Jake Bugg, MS MR, The Specials, Trails & Ways, Kodaline

Favorite Sets:
8:00-8:59 PM:
1) Joey Bada$$ @ Hangar Lounge (8:30)
2) Fidlar @ 1100 Warehouse (8:40)
3) Guards @ The Belmont (8:00)
4) Kodaline @ Hype Hotel (8:00)
5) Cayucas @ Red 7 Patio (8:15)
Prev. Mentioned: PAPA @ The Tap Room at Six (8:00), TOKiMONSTA @ Republic Live (8:40)

9:00-9:59 PM
1) Trails & Ways @ Hype Hotel (9:00)
2) Lianne La Havas @ Empire Automotive (9:15)
3) Charles Bradley @ Moody Theater (9:00)
4) Big K.R.I.T. @ Lustre Pearl (9:00)
5) BJ The Chicago Kid @ Brazos Hall (8:50)
Prev. Mentioned: Caveman @ Bar 96 (9:30), Joey Bada$$ @ Brazos Hall (9:45),

10:00-10:59 PM:
1) Wildcat! Wildcat! @ Tap Room at Six (10:00)
2) Jesse Boykins III @ Elysium (9:50)
3) Dauwd @ Holy Mountain (10:00)
4) MONA @ Cedar Street Courtyard (10:00)
5) Chrisette Michele @ Brazos Hall (10:15)
Prev. Mentioned: Sky Ferreira @ 1100 Warehouse (10:45),

11:00-11:59 PM:
1) Capital Cities @ Empire Automotive (11:15)
2) The Specials @ Hype Hotel (11:00)
3) The Besnard Lakes @ Red 7 (11:30)
4) The Kid Daytona @ The North Door (11:25)
5) Beacon @ Holy Mountain (11:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Alt-J @ The Belmont (11:10), Schoolboy Q @ Brazos Hall (11:30),

12:00-12:59 AM:
1) Killer Mike @ Bar 96 (12:30)
2) Disclosure @ 1100 Warehouse (12:35)
3) Antwon @ Easy Tiger (12:15)
4) Ryan Hemsworth @ 1100 Warehouse (12:00)
5) Snoop Lion @ Viceland (12:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Phosphorescent @ Red 7 Patio (11:55),

1:00-1:59 AM:
1) Death @ TenOak (12:50)
2) Generationals @ Red Eyed Fly (1:00)
3) Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ Blackheart (1:00)
4) Local Natives @ Mohawk Outdoor (1:00)
5) Soul of Mischief @ 512 (1:15)
Prev. Mentioned: Flume @ Latitude 30 (1:00), Ghostface Killah @ Scoot Inn (1:10), Jake Bugg @ Hype Hotel (1:00), Joey Bada$$ @ The North Door (1:20), Unknown Mortal Orchestra @ Red 7 Patio


Bondax make a 12:20 A.M. appearance at La Zona Rosa on Friday Night.

Favorite Showcases:
1) Our Heart Aches For Syria @ The Long Center: Deer Tick, White Lung, Omar Souleyman, Black Lips, The Orwells
2) Rolling Stone @ La Zona Rosa: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bondax, TOKiMONSTA, Disclosure
3) Rocksmith @ Tha Main: Mystikal, YG, Trae Tha Truth, Yo Gotti

Favorite Sets:
8:00-8:59 PM:
1) Fatima Al Qadiri @ The Madison (8:45)
2) Harry Fraud @ Austin Music Hall (8:40)
3) Diamond Rings @ VEVO Control Room (8:00)
4) Tropics @ Old School (8:00)
5) The Mowgli’s @ Stubb’s (8:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Hundred Waters @ Scoot Inn (8:45), The Neighbourhood @ Brazos Hall (8:45),

9:00-9:59 PM:
1) Danny Brown @ Viceland (9:15)
2) The Orwells @ The Long Center (9:40)
3) Man Without Country @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (9:20)
4) Small Black @ Lustre Pearl (9:00)
5) Charlotte Church @ VEVO Control Room (9:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Phosphorescent @ Bar 96 (9:30),

10:00-10:59 PM:
1) Depeche Mode @ Brazos Hall (10:00)
2) Giraffage @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (10:00)
3) Gold Fields @ Buffalo Billiards (10:00)
4) Eric Burdon @ The Stage On Sixth Patio (10:00)
5) Turtle Giant @ Hickory Street (10:00)
Prev. Mentioned: Danny Brown @ Austin Music Hall (10:35), DIIV @ Lustre Pearl (10:00), Disclosure @ La Zona Rosa (10:00), Fallulah @ VEVO Control Room (10:00) Fidlar @ Clive Bar (10:00), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ Hype Hotel (10:00), White Lung @ The Long Center (10:20)

11:00-11:59 PM:
1) Rhye @ Buffalo Billiards (11:00)
2) Pusha T @ Austin Music Hall (11:00)
3) Goldroom @ Avenue on Congress Rooftop (11:00)
4) Gap Dream @ Hotel Vegas (11:15)
5) Laura Mvula @ Hype Hotel (11:00)
Prev Mentioned: Blue Hawaii @ Swan Dive (11:00), Foxes @ Empire Automotive (11:10), Merchandise @ Mohawk Outdoor (11:15), Ryan Hemsworth @ 512 Rooftop (11:00), TOKiMONSTA @ La Zona Rosa (11:35)

12:00-12:59 AM:
1) Bondax @ La Zona Rosa (12:20)
2) MO @ Buffalo Billiards (12:00)
3) Omar Souleyman @ The Long Center (12:00)
4) Mystikal @ The Main (11:50)
5) Vacationer @ VEVO Control Room (12:00)
Prev Mentioned: Ghostface Killah @ Viceland (12:15), Kendrick Lamar @ Austin Music Hall (12:40), Little Green Cars @ Antone’s (12:00), MONA @ Townhouse (12:00), Rudimental @ Hype Hotel (12:00), St. Lucia @ Empire Automotive (12:20)

1:00-1:59 AM:
1) XXYYXX @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (1:00)
2) Sepalcure
3) Master P @ 404 Austin (1:20)
4) Bass Drum of Death @ Easy Tiger (1:00)
5) Trae Tha Truth @ The Main (1:25)
Prev. Mentioned: DIIV @ Mohawk Indoor (1:00), Disclosure @ Scoot Inn (12:50), Ryan Hemsworth w/ Daedalus @ Emo’s (1:00), Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs @ La Zona Rosa (1:05)


Ms. Badu blesses SX with a 11:00 PM set at Empire Control Room on Saturday Night

Favorite Showcases:
1) Boiler Room @ 1100 Warehouse: Skream, Baauer, Chief Keef, Shlohmo, Mount Kimbie, Lunice
2) Perez Hilton @ Austin Music Hall: Lissie, Charli XCX, Wynter Gordon, Capital Cities, Paloma Faith
3) Captured Tracks @ The Parish: Beach Fossils, DIIV, The Soft Moon, Mac DeMarco

Favorite Sets:
9:00-9:59 PM:
1) Mount Kimbie @ 1100 Warehouse (9:30)
2) Ryan Leslie @ Hangar Lounge (9:30)
3) Shlohmo @ 1100 Warehouse (9:00)
4) Zak Waters @ Hickory Street (9:00)
5) Wynter Gordon @ Austin Music Hall (9:15)
Prev. Mentioned: Capital Cities @ The Belmont (9:00), Foxes @ Hype Hotel (9:00), Merchandise @ Red 7 (

10:00-10:59 PM:
1) Lissie @ Austin Music Hall (9:55)
2) Oliver @ Ballroom Annex (10:00)
3) Action Bronson
4) Chief Keef @ 1100 Warehouse (10:30)
5) Cashmere Cat
Prev. Mentioned: Caveman @ Hype Hotel (10:00), Fidlar @ Hotel Vegas (10:15), Gap Dream @ Hotel Vegas Patio (10:15), Gold Fields @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (10:00), Ivan & Alyosha @ TenOak (10:00), Sepalcure @ The Madison (10:00), Sky Ferreira @ Stubb’s (10:00)

11:00-11:59 PM:
1) Erykah Badu @ Empire Control Room (11:00)
2) Tashaki Miyaki @ Hickory Street (11:00)
3) HAIM @ Stubb’s (11:00)
4) King Chip @ Suite 101 (11:00)
5) Black Moon @ Haven (11:35)
Prev. Mentioned: Flume @ Maggie Mae’s Rooftop (11:00), Laura Mvula @ VEVO Control Room (11:45), Peace @ Latitude 30 (11:00), Vacationer @ Hype Hotel (11:00)

12:00-12:59 AM:
1) A Place To Bury Strangers @ Brazos Hall (12:00)
2) The Robert Glasper Experiment @ Empire Control Room (12:00)
3) Casey Veggies @ Old School (12:45)
4) A Silent Film @ Antone’s (12:00)
5) SpaceGhostPurrp @ Suite 101 (12:20)
Prev. Mentioned: Antwon @ Red 7 (12:15), DIIV @ The Parish (12:10), Jesse Boykins III @ Stage On Sixth Patio (12:00), Kendrick Lamar @ Viceland (12:30), MO @ Hype Hotel (12:00), XXYYXX @ Mohawk Outdoor (12:00)

1:00-1:59 AM:
1) Skream @ 1100 Warehouse (1:15)
2) The Pharcyde @ Club de Ville (1:15)
3) Delorean @ Mohawk Outdoor (1:00)
4) Beach Fossils @ The Parish (1:00)
5) In the Valley Below @ VEVO Control Room (1:15)
Prev. Mentioned: Big K.R.I.T. @ Old School (1:20), Danny Brown @ Ballroom Annex (1:00), Just Blaze @ Ballroom Annex (1:50), Mystikal @ Suite 101 (1:15), The Orwells @ Latitude 30 (1:00), Trae Tha Truth @ 404 Austin (1:30)

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