Bon Iver – Towers (Stop the Car Remix)

Had enough Bon Iver remixes yet? Ready for another one? Well we’ve uncovered one (with a tip to our friends at DoML) that clearly stands out amongst its peers and deserves your attention. C/o Manchester UK producer Stop the Car, this new remix of “Towers” packs some really neat/interesting/different melodic & rhythmic changes. Get a sample below.

Stop the Car (Facebook)

Rating 8.2


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Bon Iver – Towers


“Towers” is a favorite off of Bon Iver’s forthcoming self-titled release. The band explore more instrumentation on the album but have not forgotten who they are. In fact, Bon Iver might even make great prospects for some people like this… who are known to be a little like this. It’s a compliment. It takes a lot to make a great sophomore album after a glowing debut. Bon Iver’s new album will hit stores June 21.

Bon Iver – Towers

Bon Iver: (Official) (Twitter)

Rating: 8.2

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SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse


Besides a mutual appreciation for the 216 (which always helps), “Reverse” from newcomers SomeKindaWonderful has seeped into our skin. A pop track at it’s core, lush and melodic orchestration help lend the soulful timbre to a next-level raspy-croon from frontman Jordy Towers. Add some promiscuity induced lyrics for dramatic effect and you’ve got a press-repeat worthy jam. Sample “Reverse” below.

SomeKindaWonderful (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.3


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PS I Love You – Death Dreams [LP]

By Erin Shay

Canadian rock duo PS I Love You have a clamor that’s a force-to-be-reckoned-with. The Kingston based twosome, also known as Benjamin Nelson and Paul Saulnier, released their latest album Death Dreams earlier this month and it is resoundingly excellent. PS I Love You know how to get rowdy with a proper 90’s indie style. Death Dreams is an album that strikes the balance between brooding sentimentality and soulful uproar while its experimental color-outside-the-lines energetic makes it one of the top indie rock albums thus far in 2012.

Death Dreams is inspired by Paul Saulnier’s vivid dreams while on tour during the band’s first album Meet Me at The Muster Station, and is a remarkably spirited exploration into the duality of existence and hidden beauty of discord. Paul’s ferocious lead vocals, full-on extended guitar solos and gratuitous distortion bring bleed-out a certain vulnerability that you might expect from a guy with big dreams. PS I Love You artfully illustrates that life-imitates-art as much as art-imitates-life with an intense yet playful irony that is definitely worth reflecting on.

While “Don’t Go”, “How Do You”, and “First Contact” stand out for their booming and unrefined execution, the tracks “Sentimental Dishes” and “Princess Towers” are exceedingly bright and catchy and are just resonant enough to steal the show.

PS I Love You – Princess Towers

PS I Love You canada (Facebook) (Purchase Link)

Rating 8.4


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2011. What wasn’t to love? The rise of weirdo R&B, the fall of chillwave, the end of R.E.M. We started the construction of this list over a month ago. One truly epic and extensive Google spreadsheet later, we arrived at this Top 50. We sorted and sorted and sorted, listened through a TON OF STUFF, “traded jabs” on whether James Blake or Jamie Woon put on the tougher persona, etc. Thanks for reading and we hope y’all enjoy the list!

01. James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Buy It) (Read)

02. The Weeknd – The Morning (Buy It) (Read)

03. Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Buy It) (Read)

04. Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (Feat. Kimbra) (Buy It) (Read)

05. Britney Spears – ‘Till the World Ends (Buy It) (Read)

06. Maverick Sabre – I Need (Buy It) (Read)

07. Drake – Marvin’s Room (Buy It) (Read)

08. Beyonce – Party (Feat. Kanye West & Andre 3000) (Buy It) (Read)

09. Jamie Woon – Lady Luck (Buy It) (Read)

10. Michael Kiwanuka – I Need You By My Side (Buy It) (Read)

11. Kendrick Lamar – ADHD (Buy It) (Read)

12. The Alabama Shakes (formerly The Shakes) – I Found You (Buy It) (Read)

13. Nneka – My Home (Buy It) (Read)

14. Rihanna – We Found Love (Feat. Calvin Harris) (Buy It) (Read)

15. DJ Khaled – I’m On One (Feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil’ Wayne) (Buy It) (Read)

16. Adele – Rumour Has It (Buy It) (Read)

17. Labrinth – Earthquake (Feat. Tinie Tempah) (Buy It) (Read)

18. Jay-Z & Kanye West – Otis (Buy It) (Read)

19. Flo Rida – Good Feeling (Buy It) (Read)

20. Bon Iver – Towers (Buy It) (Read)

21. Azealia Banks – 212 (Buy It) (Read)

22. Big Black Delta – Huggin’ & Kissin’ (Buy It) (Read)

23. Florence + The Machine – What the Water Gave Me (Buy It) (Read)

24. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language (Feat. Jess) (Buy It) (Read)

25. Cults – Abducted (Buy It) (Read)

26. Raphael Saadiq – Good Man (Buy It) (Read)

27. Spector – Never Fade Away (Buy It) (Read)

28. Marina & the Diamonds – Radioactive (Buy It) (Read)

29. Afrojack – Lionheart (Buy It) (Read)

30. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – If I Had a Gun… (Buy It) (Read)

31. Active Child – Playing House (Feat. How to Dress Well) (Buy It) (Read)

32. M83 – Midnight City (Buy It) (Read)

33. Radiohead – Lotus Flower (Buy It) (Read)

34. Madlib & Freddie Gibbs – Thuggin’ (Buy It) (Read)

35. The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love (Buy It) (Read)

36. NO CEREMONY/// – Hurtlove (Buy It) (Read)

37. Ifan Dafydd – No Good (Buy It) (Read)

38. Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle (Buy It) (Read)

39. TOKiMONSTA – Little Pleasures (Feat. Gavin Turek) (Buy It) (Read)

40. Colleen Green – Cujo (Buy It) (Read)

41. Foxes – Youth (Buy It) (Read)

42. Jacques Greene – Another Girl (Buy It) (Read)

43. Grouplove – Gold Coast (Buy It) (Read)

44. Family of the Year – St. Croix (Buy It) (Read)

45. Lucy Rose – Middle of the Bed (Buy It) (Read)

46. LIPS – Everything to Me (Buy It) (Read)

47. Trophy Wife – Wolf (Buy It) (Read)

48. Dev – In the Dark (Buy It) (Read)

49. John West – Lovely (Feat. Pusha T) (Buy It) (Read)

50. Anchorsong – Ghost Touch (Buy It) (Read)

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SXSW Wednesday Night Wrap 03/16/11: James Blake, Mona, Belle Brigade, Chapel Club, Ellie Goulding


James Blake @ Stubb’s:

There was definitely an air of anticipation (and weed) for James Blake’s first SXSW performance. After an approx. 30 minute delay due to technical problems the superstar of the Indieverse took the stage. First things, we noticed were 1) James Blake is really fucking tall. Like dude towers over everyone else on stage. 2) His band is very young. The other lads in the band were maybe 22-23. Blake started the set with “What Was It You Said About Luck”, immediately we’re struck by how strong the vocals come off live. The R&B influences are particularly palpable as Blake smooths in and out of each syrupy melodic line. The bass was really loud; windpipe shaking, back of your mouth rattling loud. The interplay between the physical intensity of the bass, the sweetness of the vocal, and the detached withdrawn quality of much of James Blake’s songs was quite powerful. “Limit to Your Love” was a highlight that included an excellent 4-5 minute dub reggae-styled section.

James Blake – Wilhelm Scream


Mona @ Antone’s:

Dressed in plain t-shirts and styled in pompadour-esque haircuts, Nashville’s Mona ripped into set opener “Trouble on the Way”. Despite some tepid early interactions with Antone’s house soundguy, the band blazed through an approx. 30 minute set with an absolute confidence and strong focus. Second song “Teenager” soared, “Listen to Your Love” filled the room. The venue was maybe 3/4’s full but those there were really feeling it and the band seemed to (almost unbelievably) level up with each song. Mona were great, a band truly in top form. Later in the set, they played some newer more Nashville, sort of Gospel-influenced material. What we heard sounded solid, with frontman Nick Brown sounding almost Joshua Tree-era Bono-esque (in a good way) at times. Mona are stars and primed to blow the fuck up on both sides of the Atlantic, and with sets like Wednesday Night’s at Antone’s (a favorite of SXSW thusfar) they’ve got the live performance chops to back up the hype.

Mona – Teenager


Belle Brigade @ The Phoenix:

We made it over to the KCRW showcase at The Phoenix just in time to catch the later half of Belle Brigade’s set. What we experienced was a well crafted, energetic set of tunes that showcased the band’s excellent harmonizing and onstage performance skills. Set closer “Losers” really cut the room well with the LA brother-sister duo’s backing band doing great work to really lift the song’s best moments.

Belle Brigade – Losers


Chapel Club @ The Phoenix:

Anticipation was high at the capacity filled Phoenix for Chapel Club’s up-to-this-date rare U.S. performance. The band opened with “Surfacing” and, at times, seemed tenuous, as if the weightiness of the moment caught the band a bit off guard. “Roads”, from the “Wintering” EP, was next and showed off the band’s newer more atmospheric sound. The chemistry onstage between guitarists Michael Hibbert and Alex Parry is really phenomenal. Their performances were definitely the highlight of the set. Singles “O Maybe I” and “All the Eastern Girls” engaged the crowd. Singer Lewis Bowman commented several times during the set to the effect that, the band were “suprised to be there”. We weren’t. Despite a few dodgier edges, Chapel Club certainly played as if they belonged on a stage like the Phoenix… or larger.

Chapel Club – After the Flood


Ellie Goulding @ Bat Bar:

The Bat Bar was packed for Ellie Goulding’s midnight set. A significant overflow crowd filled the street outside the small venue. Ellie and her fans seemed totally captivated with each other. That interaction was great. The kid’s knew and sang back the lyric to every song. What wasn’t good: The venue. Ellie and her band were jammed into a corner of a long brick corridor. The basic space and acoustics of the room made for some poor sound. We had difficulty hearing the band, hearing Ellie. From what we could hear, the band sounded small, too small for her sound. Set closer “Starry Eyed” ended the night on a positive note as the oblong room went brick discotheque, arms flailing wildly, bodies in motion, post-adolescent girl to aging hipster dude.

Tinie Tempah – Wonderman (feat. Ellie Goulding)

Contributed by Alex Sheehan
Photography contributed by Genevieve Sheehan

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The High Wire – Odds and Evens


“Odds and Evens” is the first single off The High Wire’s full-length debut The Sleep Tape which drops march 2010. this shoegaze inspired, dreamy psych-pop group must not be fond of pictures (hence this shot we found of Philippe Petit.. who by the way, actually crossed a high wire between the NY twin towers 8 times in a row in 1974?! dude is beast), in addition to their apparent lack of fondness for record producers. with glowing reviews from the likes of Chris Martin and major british press, a dec producer wouldn’t be too hard to come by. and while typically we like to believe that self-produced albums are a death sentance for any band, the arrangements and melodies in “Odds and Evens” go some distance to make us think twice for The High Wire. although we should add, the band did recieve production guidance and mixing from Rik Simpson of Blur, Portishead, Coldplay and PJ Harvey fame. in conclusion, The High Wire is on the b3sci radar, we’ll keep you posted..

The High Wire – Odds and Evens

buy it

rating: 7.5

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