B3SCI Top 12 of the Week (08/03/18 – Jarreau Vandal)

This week’s edition of the B3 Top 12 includes a jazz piano-driven head-nodder from cover artist Jarreau Vandal, a Soulection-tipped midtempo’er from Hablot Brown, a windblown highway ballad from Sharaya Summers, and much more. Stream it on Spotify and Apple Music

Jarreau Vandal – Westside
RealLiveAnimals – More Than Friends
H.E.R. – As I Am
Roses Gabor / Sampha – Illusions
Nuages – Untold
Hablot Brown / Gabrielle Current – Pressure
Silk City / GoldLink / Desiigner – Loud
Acey / Gin & Tonic – Colder
Paige Lihya – Close to Me
Sharaya Summers – Prodigal
Ross from Friends – Project Cybersyn
ZOLA – Too Fast Too Soon

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Klubbhuset – Rehearsal

The great Let’s Play House is the label for new track “Rehearsal” from Klubbhuset. “Rehearsal” is backed by a tightly coiled set of 909’s and a cool R&B vocal sample and it’s one of our favorite dance tracks of the year.

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Kodiak Soul – The Lives We Choose

Up and coming Atlanta based producer, Kodiak Soul just dropped some chill downtempo jams that I’m loving. His second EP to date “The Lives We Choose” bridges the gaps between electronic and hip-hop in a tasteful, warm way that seems perfect for any occasion. From rainy afternoons to sunny beach days, throw on this eclectic electronic EP. Stream “High Spirits” excerpted here from “The Lives We Choose” below.

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Conscious Presence – Steadfast Stilness (Outrolude)

Drawing on influences from 90’s era hip-hop, the Swiss duo Conscious Presence has dropped a self-titled album produced entirely on a tape machine, meaning each track was recorded all in a single take. And wow, love and attention is paid to every moment. “Steadfast Stillness (Outrolude)” may be the closing track to the album, but it packs quite a punch of expertly crafted beat-making. What’s wrong with something simple and sweet?

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Premiere: Conrad Clifton – Beautiful Tragedy (VIP Remix)

Conrad Clifton is a Brooklyn-based producer that loves to elude categorization. We’re happy to premier his newest single, “Beautiful Tragedy (VIP Remix),” a laidback mingling of downtempo and synthpop with some harder drum and bass to get you gyrating. Static soaked keyboards weave in and out of the foreground with a few simple notes rattling off in the distance. I think I’ll take this track with my morning coffee, please.

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Tyde – Can’t Help It

We’re digging the just-released “Mosaic” EP from UK duo Tyde. Our pick from the strong four-track release is “Can’t Help It”, a breezy dance-able number set with just enough French influence (read warm tones) to stay fixed to your playlists into the summer months.

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Denton Thrift – Confessional

Excerpted here from forthcoming “Sight” EP for Majestic Records is “Confessional”, the latest stream from Leeds Uk-based Denton Thrift. The twosome (one from Northern Ireland, one from Devon UK) met up while studying music at school in Leeds and began writing together during a stint abroad in Denton, Texas.

About the track Denton Thrift explain, “Confessional is a song written from the perspective of someone struggling with mental illness while trying to keep a relationship together. Having the realisation that they might not ever recover from the illness, their only choice is to confess to their partner that they may not ever be capable of change, hoping that the truth will solidify them. In a bittersweetness they know their partner will not leave, however, they cannot reconcile with their decision to stay.”

Stream the B3-approved “Confessional” below.

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[SXSW] AWAL x B3SCI present NVDES, Young & Sick, Evalyn + more at Palm Door, Austin TX on 3/15

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… SXSW! B3 is pleased to announce, in collaboration with AWAL, a showcase on Thursday March, 15 at the Palm Door on Sabine St. in Austin. Featuring the outcast pop of B3 alum NVDES, current B3 acts cladestine popman Young & Sick and L.A. singer/powerhouse Evalyn; the March 15th show also includes a smattering of favorite B3 acts, redoutable transatlantic indie pop duo Freedom Fry, UK rock turbojets The Warbly Jets, cousins in cool electropop Otzeki, and the Franco-American sophisticate pop of CLARA-NOVA. The first set for this official showcase goes off at 7:45 on Thursday the 15th. Be there!


Set Times:

1:00am – 1:50am NVDES
12:00am – 12:40am Young & Sick
11:05pm – 11:40pm Freedom Fry
10:10pm – 10:45pm Evalyn
9:15pm – 9:50pm Warbly Jets
8:30pm – 8:55pm Otzeki
7:45pm – 8:10pm CLARA–NOVA

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Crayon – Pink (Feat. Lossapardo)

“She dreams of driving the yellow cabriolet”. The slow motion cinema of “Pink” from Roche Musique stalwart Crayon is one of our favorite tracks of the year so far. Pacing, producting, the way the vocal sits in the track are all exampled here on “Pink” at their highest level.

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