Troumaca – Fire


Troumaca, a dub outfit from Birmingham UK, bring the sort of tropical-influenced “bounce-swagger” that only the Midlands can provide. Check their catch debut “Fire” below.

Troumaca – Fire

Troumaca england (Facebook) (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.0


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B3SCI on Virgin Mobile Live: HALLOWEEN!


This week’s show features choice Halloween tracks past/present plus some nods to classic throwback horror flicks. Get this year’s full Halloween mix HERE. #BLAHZAY

Catch B3SCI Radio on Virgin Mobile Live, Fridays and Saturdays every week 12pm pac/ 3pm east. Click for B3SCI Radio archives and be sure to check out fam Virgin Mobile Live.


Oholics – Suzy Banyon Blues
ToxiK – Saw Theme Song (Dubstep Refix)
Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
mic up: *Rave’s Fave + Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (edit)
*The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp
Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice Theme (Figure Drumstep Mix)
Bo Diddley – Bo Meets The Monster
Green Go – Brains For Breakfast
Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
Michael Jackson – Thriller (Villains Too Tight Pants Remix) (B3 edit)
Roky Erickson – I Walked With A Zombie

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Mark Ronson – A La Modeliste (feat. Erykah Badu, Mos Def & Dap Kings)


“A La Modeliste” brings Mr. Ronson and an all star cast of features together for a collaboration taken from the forthcoming new Grammy associated RE:GENERATION documentary expected early 2012. The documentary brings together a plethora of popular and iconic producers with artists from different generations. Get familiar with ReGeneration here.

Mark Ronson – A La Modeliste (feat. Erykah Badu, Mos Def & Dap Kings)

ReGeneration (Official)

Rating 8.3


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B3SCI MIXTAPES: Halloween Vol. III


Get ready for this year’s SPOOKY as hell HALLOWEEN mixtape handpicked by the freaks and ghoulz at team B3SCI. #makelikesnipes #blahzay

01. Oholics – Susan Banyon Blues
02. Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp
03. Toxik – Saw Theme Song (ToxiK Dubstep Refix)
04. Green Go – Brains for Breakfast
05. Lupe Fiasco – The Cool
06. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
07. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Villains Too Tight Pants Remix)
08. Roky Erickson – I Walked With A Zombie
09. O. Children – Dead Disco Dancer
10. Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
11. Classics IV – Spooky
12. The Beatles – Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
13. Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
14. Bo Diddley – Bo Meets the Monster
15. Ministry – Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones Cover)
16. The White Stripes – Jack the Ripper
17. 2pac and Eazy E – Halloween
18. The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck
19. Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice Theme (Figure Drumstep Mix)

Download the full mixtape here

Check mixtapes 2009 and 2010.

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RAVE’S FAVE: Pete Molinari – Streetcar Named Desire


Pete Molinari hails from the UK. This song was brought onto my Moheak Music Meeting show and got a unanimous thumbs-up. It’s a feel good track with an old school country vibe. Not what you will usually find in this space, but that’s the idea. Contributed by Bruce Rave

Pete Molinari – Streetcar Named Desire

Pete Molinari england (Official)

Check out Bruce’s “Go Deep” show on Friday’s around 2p Pacific, 5p Eastern. Also listen to past shows at Bruce’s blog and follow Bruce on Twitter.

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SHOW REVIEW: The Peach Kings / Ryan Traster @ Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles 10/24/2011

By: Chris Gedos


Upon arriving to the Bootleg Theater I stepped out immediately to make a phone call and missed the first several minutes of Ryan Traster’s set. According to my friends, he started playing as a four piece before his band retired due to technical difficulties. He continued solo. We preferred his material stripped down and acoustic, how he wasn’t out of step with the best of 90’s college rock. Ryan is a Minneapolis native currently stationed in Brooklyn and has a song which was featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (!) that was “hijacked by Starbucks without him knowing”. Seeing him live while never having heard of him before reminded me of that never-ending cycle of talented unknowns which take a ride on the LA carousel night after night. Fortunately for Mr. Traster, this isn’t his first rodeo – his songs are too well-developed for him to still be wet around the ears. He can croon like Elvis Costello and sing from the throat like Matt Sharp. I’m also reminded of some of Ian McCullough’s solo work (especially Candleland, sans dated synths producing wind noise). Like him on Facebook and you can stream several deep cuts. His new record, Good Hearts, was released yesterday and celebrated with an online concert which was streamed to all. #toogoodtogounnoticed

Ryan Traster – Gutter Truth newyork (Facebook)

We next caught The Peach Kings. It’s surprising they haven’t received more buzz since their EP, Trip Wop, is fierce and available for free download via their website. I guess trip wop is a valid enough oxymoron. Per their website: “It’s a new breakthrough in The Peach Kings’ hypnotic science of sound that fuses the melodic and vocal elements of doo-wop with the droning thump and choked up percussion of a trip-hop beat.” Singer Paige Wood’s powerful voice hits a wide array of cadences, emotions and decibel levels. Because she doesn’t go big constantly, it’s even more effective when she does. Also interesting is that she doesn’t conform to typical gender roles i.e. she isn’t dressed like Kesha or even play the emotional leverage card like Feist. Her singing approaches this feeling of androgyny which is highly sexualized and genderless at the same time. The guitarist, Steven Trezevant, provides classic licks and a capable back-up / secondary vocal. The instrumentation is rambling and sloppy and that’s how they like it, but Wood’s vocal is so strong I think it could be maximized more. All they need is a little time, and maybe a bit more urgency. But they’ve already proven they can make a record.

The Peach Kings – Thieves and Kings california (Official) (Facebook)




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League – How Do I Know EP


Los Angeles-London based LEAGUE has just released their second EP How Do I Know. The EP offers a diverse array of rhythms and melodies. The title track “How Do I Know” draws a stark connection to the hums of classic British shoegazers, Ride and My Bloody Valentine. “Your World” is a poppy, feel good track with a nice organ hook. If you dig dream pop, or flanging in general, you’ll be into this one. The third track, “The Shore” offers a more psychedelic, surf-driven feel and is a nice closer to this EP. Contributed by Trevor Meyer

League – Your World

League england (Bandcamp) (Facebook)

Rating 8


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The Killers – Ultra Violet (Light My Way) [U2 Cover]


The Killers offer their new take on U2’s “Ultra Violet (Light My Way)” via Q magazine’s 20th anniversary covers album for Achtung Baby. Kudos to Flowers on his Bono-esque delivery. More at Q.

The Killers – Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

The Killers nevada (Facebook)

Rating 8.2


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Eddy Current Suppression Ring – You Don’t Care


The lads from down under conjure up yet another face melting tribute to garage punk. “You Don’t Care” is just a taste off the band’s new forthcoming 22 track So Many Things LP.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – You Don’t Care

Eddy Current Suppression Ring australia(Soundcloud) (Facebook)

Rating: 8


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Cave Birds – Some Lightning Thrill x Love From Afar (demo)


Cave Birds are a new 4 piece out of Leeds that we won’t be surprised to be hearing lots more from. Their catchy blend of indie pop has the perfect touch of ‘brit’, not to mention it makes way for the dance floor. Can’t wait to see these guys in a live setting. “Some Lightning Thrill” is their only released track so far and “Love From Afar” is a great demo that offers a glance at what’s to come.

Cave Birds – Some Lightning Thrill

Cave Birds – Love From Afar (demo)

Cave Birds england (Facebook)

Rating 8.1


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Kurt Vile – It’s Alright


“It’s Alright” is new from Kurt Vile and taken from his forthcoming So Outta Reach EP, dropping November 8th via Matador. Kurt is back in top form.

Kurt Vile – It’s Alright

Kurt Vile pennsylvania (Facebook)

Rating 8.5


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Neil Young: A Top Ten


Neil Young: A Top Ten
By: Chris Gedos

It’s October! That time of the year again. Time to watch playoff baseball, battle that addiction to and lament Joe Buck’s poor imitation of Bob Costas. (DiMaggio had just 13 strikeouts in 1941!) Time to uncork those vintage Rieslings, pick apples, ride bikes and listen to “Monster Mash”, and only the version by Bobby “Boris” Pickett which made it to #1 in 1962. And finally, it’s time to listen to Neil Young, my favorite Canadian! So roast up those pumpkin seeds, pour a glass of hot cider and take a look at my selections for Neil’s top ten. And by “top ten” I explicitly mean not the best, completely arbitrary, but rather my ten favorite Neil songs which hopefully provide a sufficiently comprehensive introduction for the Neil neophyte.

10. “Silver & Gold” – Although released in the year 2000 on the album of the same name, “Silver & Gold” the song was originally written in 1981. Neil has been known to sit on songs for decades, as one can only conjecture as to how many albums of unreleased material reside in Mr. Young’s vaults. “Silver & Gold” is one of his sweetest love songs, concurrently saccharine, innocent, hopeful and eternal.

9. “Out On The Weekend” is the opening track on Harvest, his most popular album and one of the most popular of the year when released in 1972. “Think I’ll pack it in, buy a pickup, take it down to LA” is one of those famous Neil lyrics which epitomizes his infatuation with the American West. Although Harvest is far from Shakey’s most cohesive work, it does feature 5 of his best songs, with “Out On The Weekend” kicking things off in a big way. (see Elliot Smith and Lady Gaga covers).

8. “Mellow My Mind” is Neil’s most uplifting track from his most despondent album, Tonight’s The Night, originally released in 1975 after a two year delay, recorded in a tumultuous period following the death of Danny Whitten (of Crazy Horse and The Rockets). Album #3 in the Ditch trilogy (following Time Fades Away and On The Beach), Tonight’s The Night is a big favorite among hardcore Neil Young fans (see Thrasher’s Wheat).

7. On The Beach” – 1974’s On The Beach, Neil’s first studio release post-Harvest, was recorded under the influence of Honey Slides, a marijuana infused concoction that “felt like heroin”, according to Shakey, the Neil Young tome of a biography written by Jimmy McDonough. Much like Tonight’s the Night, the album was unappreciated upon release on account of its crude production and sense of foreboding which set a clean stylistic break from his first four studio albums. The title track’s combination of lyrical repetition and remorseful jamming add up to a perfect commentary on the failed social revolution of the late 60’s. On The Beach was finally released on CD in 2003, after a long petition spearheaded by Thrasher’s Wheat.

6. “I’m The Ocean” – The best track on 1996’s Mirror Ball, recorded with Pearl Jam as a most fitting backing band for the Godfather of Grunge. While somewhat inconsistent, Mirror Ball ranks among Neil’s hardest albums (along with Ragged Glory and side 2 of Rust Never Sleeps.) A 7 minute jam, “I’m The Ocean” is a lyrical tour de force. “I’m a Cadillac, I’m a Cutlass Supreme,” is a line so emphatically American it’s hard to believe it was written by someone from Winnipeg.

5. “Rockin’ in the Free World” – Opening song on 1989’s Freedom, the album which re-launched Shakey’s career (after a shakey Eighties), the live version of “Rockin’ In The Free World” was the emblematic song of the period surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall. Again, much like On The Beach, the effective repetition during the chorus is striking for a musician best known for his lyrical variety and depth. Along with “Ohio”, “Rockin’ In The Free World” is Neil’s most overtly political song. Listening to it two decades later makes you feel as though you’re taking part in a still-burgeoning political movement.

4. “Down By The River” – One of Neil’s most popular and oft covered tracks, “Down By The River” closes side one of 1970’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, his second studio album. The song’s ranking may be inflated because it’s my favorite of his longer, more expansive, jam/solo driven tracks ( including “Cowgirl in The Sand”, “Like A Hurricane” and “Cortez The Killer”, among others. The track further proves Neil’s obsession with water as a Mark Twain between safe and dangerous, sanity and desperation, happiness and despondency. No posturing, only music. Even the lyrics during the chorus seem to fade into the swirl established by the urgent jamming of Danny Whitten’s Crazy Horse.

3. “Journey Through The Past” – What a shame that the only version of “Journey Through The Past” available on CD is the Live At Massey Hall version (which fortunately captures Mr. Young at his commercial and creative peaks), as 1973’s Time Fades Away, a live album, has yet to receive a proper CD release. The past as halcyon days is a theme Neil returns to again and again, but never as effortlessly as on “Journey Through The Past.” Shakey’s voice has never sounded so haggard or beautiful. “I will stay with you if you stay with me, said the fiddler to the drum. And we’ll keep good time on a journey through the past.” Solid gold.

2. “After The Gold Rush” – Much like Journey Through The Past, the sparse instrumentation of piano and muted french horn on “After The Gold Rush”, the title track off his 1971 LP, his best minute-for-minute album. The imagery is inventive, simplistic, visceral and timeless, from knights in armor to spaceships in the sky. Recorded in the period after Déjà Vu, it’s the album which bears the most traits of kin with CSNY.

1. “Heart of Gold” – His best track on his most famous album, “Heart Of Gold” is the perfect three minute pop song. The slide guitar is divine. This is the Neil song most recognized by the general populace, but by no means was he selling out, as proven the subsequent “Ditch” trilogy. By casting a wide geographical net, it contains some of his most ambitious lyrics. The backing vocals at the end by James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt are wonderful as well. The song represents a critical juncture in Neil’s career as the moment he officially entered the rock pantheon, right before he forsook his commercial fame.

Second Ten (no order): Don’t be Denied, Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Lotta Love, Like A Hurricane, Harvest Moon, Old Man, Don’t Cry No Tears, Thrasher, Burned

And just like with any of the great artists, the more that Mr. Neil Young reveals of himself, the more enigmatic he becomes.

Neil Young canada (Official)

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