Bombay Bicycle Club – It’s Alright Now

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club are one of those few bands in Indieverse 2013 that continously push themselves stylistically. The band, too, have proven their ability to innovate while still managing to be tuneful; to still write great songs in the context of new sound and arrangement structures. “It’s Alright Now” with it’s magnetic hypnotic vocal hooks and totally fresh melodic rhythmic elements sounds totally brand new and is off a level of originality that demands attention. “It’s Alright Now” is the first single from Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth LP So Long, See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club england: (Official)

Rating: 8.4


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Virgin Mobile Cyber Monday Giveaway


In the truest spirit of the holidays… it is that time of year once again when shopping and deals are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And because everybody will be shopping (and not working) Cyber Monday (12/2), Virgin Mobile is celebrating this least productive day workday by offering $150 off one of their most coveted phones – Samsung Galaxy III 4G/LTE PLUS an opportunity to win eight awesome prizes. To enter the sweepstakes, fill out a “time card” on Virgin Mobile USA’s Facebook page and it could be YOU that wins one of eight killer prize will be given away every hour for eight hours; including a Grand Prize of $2,000 that will be be given to one lucky winner (try stuffing that in your stocking).

Also, be sure to tune into our friends at Virgin Mobile Feed for your chance to win a Mini Jambox!

Virgin Mobile USA (Official)

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JMSN – The One (Stwo Remix)

JMSN - The One (Stwo Remix)

One of our new favorites in the remix game, Stwo, spins a late 90’s R&B update around JMSN’s excellent “The One”.

Stwo (Twitter)

Rating 8.2


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PHOTOS: Casa Indio @ Folsom Street Foundry, San Francisco October 29 – November 9, 2013

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 first

This year Indio Beer and Vice Magazine have teamed up to raise awareness for Mexican and Mexican-American artists in the United States with their aptly titled Casa Indio tour. The 2013 tour of events has found it’s way to Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, and is currently home-based in San Francisco at the Folsom Street Foundry for two weeks of culturally inspired, underground music and arts celebration.

On Friday night, November 1st, we popped into the Folsom Street Foundry for an up close look at Casa Indio. The vibes were nothing but ace as Halloween costumes were (still) in full force, local art pieces lay draped on display throughout the venue, and an abundance of complimentary Indio beer helped fuel the Casa Indio Mexican-American party. The evening’s show was presented by Mishka and showcased a stellar bill of live talent that included A1, Shadowrunners, Click, NanosauR, and DJ Vin Sol. You can check out some pictures from the event below.

Casa Indio’s two week line-up includes nearly 20 artists. The party will continue through Saturday, November 9 at the Folsom Street Foundry. For further information about Casa Indio including future performances, gallery showings, and how to RSVP; visit

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 1

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 2

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 3

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 5

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 6

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 7

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 8

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 9

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 10

Casa Indio Vice SF 11.1.13 last

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Batwings Catwings – September

batwings catwings

Give a spin to “September”. It’s one of the better 2-minutes you’ll have spent in a while. The song is excerpted here from Batwings Catwings’ new WHOA EP. Listening to “September” is like when you flipped on your favorite college radio in the early 90s only to discover to your next favorite band. And no that’s not Joey Lawrence on the EP cover (at least we don’t think it is).

Batwings Catwings california (Facebook) (Twitter)

Rating 8.1


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Phantogram – Black Out Days


Phantogram are back with the gloomy bounce of new single “Black Out Days”. Still long on hip hop influence (the track’s main whirring/sinister vocal loop is quite clever) as well as Sarah Barthel’s all-go singing, “Black Out Days” subtly and adeptly modernizes Phantogram’s sound while maintaining the quality of writing and arrangement that the NY-based duo has earned their dough on thusfar.

Phantogram (Facebook)

Rating 8.5


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Major Major Major – Scream Queen

major major major

Major Major Major a new rock and roll duo out of Austin score major B3 points with the 60’s pop-informed crunch of awesome debut single “Scream Queen”. Get into Major Major Major before all yr friends (inevitably) do RIGHT NOW.

Major Major Major texas (Bandcamp)

Rating 8.3


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Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix)

favorite song

“Her Favorite Song” is probably Hall & Oates, that is if the sound on Mayer’s latest single transferable to the tastes of the track’s titular boo. Here, blog favorite Oliver gives the Jessie Ware-featuring song a 2010’s synth-pop makeover injecting it with enough bounce and “feel good feels” to keep the blog rocking rocking until the break of the dawn (1990’s).

Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix)

Oliver (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.0


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Bondax – Giving It All


Lancashire UK’s soul pop home team Bondax. We’re going proceed now with this track by forgoing the requisite Disclosure comparison and introduce you straight to the track, which (and it should really not be a surprise) is very good indeed. We’re talking hit-you-in-the-heart-area R&B vocals, the slickest of slick bass lines & “feel good for summer” vibes; the typical (& typically well-fashioned) Bondax formula. A+’s all around.

Bondax (Facebook)

Rating 8.4


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Indio Brewery Invites 2D Artists to “Do Their Thing” for a Chance to Win…

indio postcard finalXX

In conjunction with Latino Heritage Month, Indio Beer, Mexico’s dark lager, is inviting professional and indie visual artists to “Do Their Thing” for the chance to win having their artwork displayed on billboards throughout the U.S. and more! Interested artists can enter a 2D piece of Indio branded art, where finalists and one winner of these submissions will be judged and chosen by renowned artists Gil Cerezo, Federico Archuleta, Juan Angel Chávez and Diana García. For more details about eligability and to submit you can visit Indio’s Facebook page. Good luck!

You can get more familiar with Indio’s appreciation for arts and culture with this video on a recent project that they did during their US launch in 2012.

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Whitley – My Heart Is Not A Machine (Fractures Remix)

fractures remix

//Fractures hit the scene running with the online emergence of his track “Twisted” in past week or so. Not much is known about him besides he is from Melbourne, Australia and that he has his debut headlining show on the 20th if June. While we wait to see what other offerings the multi-instrumenalist has in store, we’ll have to settle with this smooth Whitley remix. By Brian Litwin

//Fracturesaustralia (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.7


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Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas – Bad (Yarin Lidor Remix)

yarin lidor

True story: when “Bad” from MMG f.b. Wale comes on the radio Immma usually changing the station as quickly as possible. Tel Aviv DJ Yarin Lidor manages not only to make that original “Bad” source material listenable but completely transforms the composition into something that not only you can bounce to but is also unique, interesting & engaging. Give it up for Y. Lidor.


Rating: 8.3


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