026 MISUN 2 Square
Release Date: Jan 08, 2016
Cat no: B3SR 026
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Limited edition yellow cassette tape, full color artwork, jewel case, shrink wrap for delivery.


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Product Description

Washington, D.C. based MISUN (pronounced ‘meā€¢sun’) follows up the debut album Superstitions with a fresh new Nacey produced anthem “Give It Up,” a sunny-side-up tune about heartache that slips and slides atop sparse instrumentals, pulled by a bubbly synth line, steady acoustic guitar, and effortlessly blends 60’s rock and roll nostalgia with hip-hop.

MISUN, whose self-dubbed sound is “aquawave,” continues the beachside-campfire ready sing-along here, as front woman Misun Wojcik pleas to the object of her affection, asserting “don’t wash it away, I’ll give my time, I’m gonna stay ’cause it’s my life, would it hurt if you stayed by my side?” on the earnest chorus. And as her warm and layered vocal hooks float effortlessly about the infectious and loose instrumental, it’s impossible not to be pulled in by the serenade.


1. Give It Up
2. June ft. Gil the Kid

Release Info


1. Give It Up
2. June ft. Gil the Kid

Dimensions 3 x 5 in

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