[B3SR 094] Cal in Red – Cellular (EP)

Release Date: Dec 15, 2021
Cat no: B3SR 094
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Product Description

The ‘Cellular’ EP is a culmination of the 2021 efforts from brothers Connor and Kendall Wright. The 5 tracks, each with their own charm, find common ground both sonically and in subject matter. The EP touches a lot on daily anxieties, shortcomings, and navigating your 20s. It’s about growth despite a “social devolving” rooted in the ever evolving world of technology. It’s watching our technological advancements slowly pull us further out of our skin and into our screens; into a new reality. There’s a disconnect from one another that’s ingrained in us, almost at a cellular level. A dazzling blend of 80s synths, melodic bass, punchy drums, and fuzz guitars make up the soundscape of the EP. Pleasant, memorable melodies invoke a sense of nostalgia throughout. Drawing inspiration from heavyweights like Tame Impala, Beach House, and a vast catalog of 80’s music, the brothers have created a sound that is familiar and approachable, while remaining unique and unyielding to their predecessors.

Cal in Red is an indie pop/rock project started by brothers Connor and Kendall Wright (Grand Rapids, MI). The band is named after their youngest brother Cal, who at one point had a particular fascination with red t-shirts. The band formed in the summer of 2019. The music was hazy and summery, jangly and guitar driven. The yearning, hopeful tones of these early sessions morphed into an indie-pop congruence riddled with nostalgia, lamenting the loss of past summers and desperately grabbing at simpler, youthful times. Cal in Red effortlessly slide vocals with guitar and synths to create a summery casualness. Their music is the soundtrack to a road trip: the top spot on a playlist also featuring Beach House and Tame Impala.

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