Release Date: Apr 08, 2016
Cat no: B3SR 039
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Limited edition 7″ pink vinyl, full color jacket with spine, paper inner sleeve, shrink wrap for delivery.


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Product Description

Drawing influence from NY No Wave and the film Downtown 81, NVDES’ AA-single is the collective’s most slick and confident offering to-date. Both “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor” and “The Other Side” are bombastic with a unique sense of stylistic dexterity.

NVDES is a creative collective curated, produced and co-performed by Josh Ocean. The project’s recurring symbol, a cantaloupe, embodies its spirit of self-discovery, free experimentation, and an unrestrained indulgence in the juicy, ripe fruit of pop music.

What started as an outlet to experiment and collaborate with friends, NVDES has now become Josh’s full time project. Drawing from electronic, indie, chill, and punk influences, NVDES creates its sound through jamming and editing while seeking to capture and preserve the unique sound of each session. Simply put, NVDES is vibes with friends.

FUN FACT: Josh wrote “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor” with his actual neighbor (!).

“The Other Side is based on a fling with a girl who liked to dress me up in some of her clothes before we would hook up. This song is an attempt to capture the strange and the fun that went along with it.”


1. Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor
2. The Other Side

Release Info


1. Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor
2. The Other Side

Dimensions 7.25 × 7.25 in

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