Atlas Genius – Molecules (Penguin Prison Remix)

Photo: Frank Maddocks

Atlas Genius, the Australian band who has broken through in the US in the last 24 months with their international hit “Trojans”, is preparing a new remix EP for great follow-up single “Molecules”. Here, dance music heavyweight Penguin Prison fit a a dynamic set of feet-movin’ synths and a big crossover-styled beat to “Molecules” neat pop hooks. The resulting mix is a really good dance-flavored swerve for the AG sound that we dig. We’re pleased to B3 Premiere Penguin Prison’s new remix for Atlas Genius’ “Molecules” single which is available for your listening perusal below!

Atlas Genius (Soundcloud)
Penguin Prison (Soundcloud)

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GoldLink – Dance On Me (Brasstracks Remix)


We fell for the lavish instrumentals and well-executed Latin-flavor horn flourishes of “Sometime” a disco-tempered house collaboration from Portland producer/DJ Dallas Cotton and Brooklyn musician/producer duo Brasstracks. We’re still totally into Brasstrack’s signature bold and upbeat instrumental barrage of brassy sound on their amazing horn-characterized remix of “Dance on Me” the refreshingly flippant-forward vocals-centered song from B3-fave VA-based versatile trend-bent emcee/vocalist Goldlink (who we just discussed for his awesome vocals on the superbly wrought rhythmic-melodic hip-hop-inspired r&b-lustered smash hit Benny Sings single “You and Me”). Reviewed by Erin Shay.

GoldLink (Soundcloud)

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TEK.LUN – Da Wormhole


B3 last featured HW&W rep’d artist Baltimore producer/beatmaker Rashad Tek Williams (a.k.a. TEK.LUN) for his beautifully choppy jazz-sample-laced beats-driven house jam called “Sometimes”. We’re into his latest festively-adorned acid-jazz-accented percusion-layered whimsical-Arabian-vibe synth-filled party jam named “Da Wormhole”. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

TEK.LUN maryland (Soundcloud)

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Johnny Stimson – Easy


Texas singer-songwriter Johnny Stimson (who we featured back in 2014 for his excellent and inventive synth-tinged new-funk jam “Obsession”) turns out a new technicolor-synth-framed vocal stunner “Easy” which we think makes an excellent soulfully-vibrant radio-ready reemergence for the genre-skipping rising-star talent. Great song! Reviewed by Erin Shay.

Johnny Stimson (Facebook)

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BISHOP – Wild Horses


Los Angeles-based BISHOP makes a strong debut on eclectic pop track “Wild Horses”. Set on an axis of a big trap-influenced chorus juxtaposed to a midtempo acoustic instrumental, the disparate styles on “Wild Horses” synch together in a very powerful/head-turning way. Strong track.

BISHOP (Soundcloud)

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Frits Wentink – Blaise Montoya (Feat. Loes Jongerling)


“Blaise Montoya” is the latest iteration of rising Dutch producer Frits Wentink’s forward thinking dance music. The Loes Jongerling-featured track (who’s vocal is perfectly beautiful) is part of a new three track EP out Monday on Wolf Music.

Frits Wentink (Soundcloud)

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Joyce Wrice – Good Morning (E.DOZA Edition)


Get into the softly-turbulent short and sugary provocatively-stylized dynamic-cheery-toned sax-tickled eye-opener fix from B3-featured artist Toronto-based beatmaker/producer E.DOZA called “Good Morning” which is based on the brief Jamma Dee-beats inspired track from LA songstress Joyce Wrice. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

E.DOZA (Soundcloud)

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Tasty Treat – Found Someone (Feat. Tribes)


Quite possibly my favorite track of this week is the stunning “Found Someone” from Tasty Treat featuring Tribes. The bit from the start to about 1:30 that’s this crazy melange of jazzy pianos, very subtly trap-tinged beats and Tribes’ heart-shredding vocal is so so good. On repeat 24/7.

Tasty Treat (Soundcloud)

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Distant.lo – Beauty


Thousand Oaks, California producer-beatmaker Dan Lopez (also known as Distant.lo) turns in a deeply-profound wonderfully-emotive soft-touch-percussion-laced melodic-piano-centric instrumental Nujabes-tribute aptly entitled “Beauty”. Amazing song. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

Distant.lo (Soundcloud)

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Four Lore – Kafka


Zone out to the calm gracefully-poised synth-affected percussion-textured vibrations and choppy-delicate lovely-melodic sample-less male-female vocal melange on “Kafka” a new beauty track from Canadian producer/vocalist and self-professed beat-crusher Four Lore (which features the lovely vocals of talented young songstress Madi Larson). Reviewed by Erin Shay.

Four Lore (Soundcloud)

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WRAY – May 23rd


Communicating Vessels will release on January 25th Hypatia, the sophomore LP from Birmingham UK band WRAY. Lead single “May 23rd” is very gaze-y, yes, but also very potent melodically and constructed in a way where both the track’s shoegaziness and its tunefullness come through the track in a mutualistically effective way. We like it a lot.

WRAY (Facebook)

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