Premiere: Albert Kass – Hurricane

Forthcoming from L.A. artist Albert Kass’ new album is “Hurricane”. A spare acoustic-driven track that reminds melodically a bit of Neil Young, “Hurricane” is described by Kass as “my coming of age-you know, that feeling of loss, of coming to terms with the harsh realization that life isn’t handed to you.” That narrative of realization is neatly juxtaposed on the track to a subtly sweet main melody. Kass further comments, “Now that I’m older and comfortable in my own skin, I’m fascinated by the joys and miseries of childhood, how I perceived growing up, and how that perception changed over time. In writing Hurricane, those bittersweet emotions really worked themselves out in song—in melody, especially.” We’re pleased to present the B3SCI Premiere of Albert Kass’ “Hurricane” below.

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Premiere: Blush’ko – Japanese Hotel

New from Melbourne AU artist and producer Blush’ko is “Japanese Hotel”. A cool blend of darker R&B-inspired tones and a French house-leaning main break, “Japanese Hotel” was inspired by a dream. Blush’ko says, “‘Japanese Hotel’ was written about a dream I had. I never remember dreams, but I remember waking up after this one, saying. “Woah.. I need to write a song about this”. A+ track. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Blush’ko’s “Japanese Hotel” below.

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Premiere: Ryan Egan – Won’t You Be the One

The great Ryan Egan is back with a new record in the form of “Won’t You Be the One”. We’re digging the track’s midtempo 70’s-esque aesthetic and the brand new video for the song (which we’re very pleased to premiere at B3SCI!). Egan collaborated with co-director Amanda Taylor Evans for the “Won’t You Be the One” vid and describes his aim in matching the track’s feel, “We wanted to create a visual that complimented the slow-melting, sleepy groove of the track and I thought it’d be rad to base it all around a slowly rotating Spike Lee style dolly shot.”

Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Ryan Egan’s video for the excellent track Won’t You Be the One below.

Stream “Won’t You Be the One” on Spotify.

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Premiere: Sky Keller – Bad

We’re digging the dark pop of L.A. artist Sky Keller’s new track “Bad”. On the track, Keller’s cool alto skips percussively atop a kinetic 808, each vocal hook sounding bigger than the last. About “Bad’s” lyric Keller says, ““there was an absence of resolution, and that was the hardest part.” We’re pleased to B3SCI Premiere “Bad” by Sky Keller below.

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Premiere: Das Kope – Good Time

We’re into the psych pop of L.A. via Sao Paulo artist Das Kope. A veteran of the Spotify Fresh Finds playlist, Kope brings a cool skilled sensibility to the genre on brand new track “Good Time”, drawing in phased out but well-arranged harmony and kaleidoscope guitar sounds to what is a very good bit of melodic writing. We’re pleased to B3SCI Premiere Das Kope’s “Good Time” below.

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Premiere: Little Elizabeth – Pitt St.

Melbourne AU trio Little Elizabeth are one of our favorite new bands. Their silky-smooth mid-tempo jammer “G’day For It” is our opinion one of the best tracks of 2018. “Pitt St.” is Little Elizabeth’s debut release. Not quite an EP but not quite an album, “Pitt St.” is a further delve into the band’s 70’s soul and funk-influenced sound that’s packed full of cooled out grooves and great bits of percussive melody and songwriting. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Little Elizabeth’s “Pitt St” below.

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Premiere: KAWALA – Funky

With a 1M stream Spotify single under their belt (“Do It Like You Do”) and several sold out London shows to their name UK duo KAWALA’s arrow is pointing decidedly up. New single “Funky”, which we are very pleased to premiere here at B3, combines a cool, measured tunefulness to cascading polyrhythms and runs of candy sweet guitar. “Funky” is out May 24 on Mahogany Records.

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Premiere: Night Owls – Tragically Human

New from Leeds band Night Owls is the track and video for “Tragically Human”. The track is a surrealistic of swirl verb’d guitar and piano set to the turn of an experiential main lyric. About the song thematically, the band said “Tragically Human”, “reflects the upcoming EP as a whole. While at first glance the song may seem like an anti-smoking, at a deeper look we’re attempting to discuss everyday mistakes and our tendency towards self destructive behaviour as a species.”

The accompanying video for “Tragically Human” is set to scenes of the English sea and country sides and set to appear like hand-held film, the band continues “We filmed the video our selves using a mobile, with the intention of making it look like old home movies filmed by family members of the character in the song. But it kind of made it look like a memorial video, so decided to take the piss and make Will disappear half way through as if he had passed on to the next life. Kind of morbid, but also a bit tongue in cheek.”

Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Tragically Human” from Leeds’ Night Owls below.

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Premiere: Arroyo – Please Just Let Me Know

“Please Just Let Me Know” is the debut track online for Gold Coast, AU duo Arroyo. A minor-key mid-tempo stomper, “Please Just Let Me Know” is full up with great and creative hooks and a melody that sounds ready to be belted back by thousands in a stadium somewhere. A promising debut. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Please Just Let Me Know” by Australian twosome Arroyo below.

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Premiere: Nick Dorian – Hamburg Style [EP]

We were very impressed a few weeks back with Nick Dorian’s single “Yawn” so much so that we added it to our Top 12 of the Week playlist so we obviously jumped at the chance to premiere Dorian’s out today EP “Hamburg Style”. What caught us initially with “Yawn” is present too throughout the EP, that’s Nick Dorian’s great and unique handle on indie pop songwriting, distilling several semi-orthogonal genre/influences (70’s pop, current indie pop, funk-influenced pop, jazz, etc) into something that sounds fresh and draws you immediately in. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of the “Hamburg Style” below.

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Premiere: Ashley Koett – Call Me [EP]

Out today is “Call Me” Ashley Koett, the new EP from Colorado artist Ashley Koett. “Call Me” features singles “Lovers” and the excellent title track + new ones “White Book”, “Sunday”, and “Bye Bye Baby”. With a sound that draws on influence from jazz and R&B and modern indie pop, rock, etc and Koett’s sound is at varying points throughout the EP surrealistic and dreamy and at other times more straightforward pop. The common thread throughout “Call Me” is its excellent songwriting and well-paced arranging that’s topped off by Koett’s cool, unique, and engaging vocal. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Ashley Koett’s “Call Me” EP below.

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Premiere: Little Elizabeth – Gday For It

Yes! We’re especially stoked to premiere the video for one of our favorite songs of the year so far “G’Day For It” from Little Elizabeth. On “G’day For It” the Melbourne AU trio channel the sound of lo-fi visceral funk birthed in the late 70’s by artists like Latimore and George McCrae. The sound of “G’day For It” is cool as hell. The video finds the Little Elizabeth crew fitted to “G’day For It”s midtempo BPMs amidst the sunny back-lit rolling hills and skate parks of Australia. Stream the B3 Premiere of the video for Little Elizabeth’s “G’day For It” below.

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