May 16, 2009



musicologist alan lomax dedicated much of his life to the preservation, collection & recording of folk music. a primary interest of lomax was the folk music of the american south. he recorded prisoners & sharecroppers, balladeers & clergymen. alan lomax had a profound love for this music, something you can really feel in his recordings. here’s a few of our favs:

01. Odetta – “Another Man Done Gone”
02. John Davis – “Moses Don’t Get Lost”
03. Bessie Jones – “See Aunt Dinah”
04. Viola James – “Tryin’ to Make Heaven My Home”
05. Anderson Burton – “God’s Unchanging Hand”
06. Henry Morrison – “Lazarus”
07. Ed Lewis & Prisoners – “Tom Devil”
08. 22 & Group – “Prettiest Train”
09. Mississippi Fred McDowell – “I Want Jesus”
10. Moving Star Hall Singers – “You Got to Move”

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