Premiere: Ryan Egan – Won’t You Be the One

The great Ryan Egan is back with a new record in the form of “Won’t You Be the One”. We’re digging the track’s midtempo 70’s-esque aesthetic and the brand new video for the song (which we’re very pleased to premiere at B3SCI!). Egan collaborated with co-director Amanda Taylor Evans for the “Won’t You Be the One” vid and describes his aim in matching the track’s feel, “We wanted to create a visual that complimented the slow-melting, sleepy groove of the track and I thought it’d be rad to base it all around a slowly rotating Spike Lee style dolly shot.”

Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Ryan Egan’s video for the excellent track Won’t You Be the One below.

Stream “Won’t You Be the One” on Spotify.

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[B3SCI Records] Laura Jean Anderson – Lonesome No More [EP]

B3SCI is very pleased to announce the release of “Lonesome No More”, the new EP from Laura Jean Anderson. Lauded by NPR, Fader, Noisey, KCRW and many more, and in possession of a dynamic powerhouse voice, Anderson’s tracks on “Lonesome No More” are both stirring and sublime. Stream EP tracks “Thinkin Bout You” and new one “Call It What It Is” and check the AMAZING in studio performances of “Love You Most” and “Thinkin Bout You” below.

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[B3SCI Records] Kyson – Every High / Clear Air

Out today on B3SCI Records is “Every High / Clear Air” the new AA single from Australian artist in Berlin Kyson. Best Fit calls Kyson “an artist who immaculately crafts his beats and words with careful detail, where every glimmering flourish of sound has its place and put into position with absolute accuracy…deliciously haunting, and somewhat unnerving”. The twin-track release which is available now at B3SCI Records.

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Oscar Jerome – Do You Really

“Do You Really” is the latest stream from UK songwriter Oscar Jerome. Matched to a sound palette that draws in influences from jazz and Brazilian music, “Do You Really” is very well-crafted bit of alt pop that we’re spinning.

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[B3SCI Records] Laura Jean Anderson – Love You Most

Out now on B3SCI Records is “Love You Most”, the brand new single from L.A.-based Laura Jean Anderson. The follow-up to “Silence Won’t Help Me Now” (also out on B3SCI) “Love You Most” scales a Winehouse-ian set of sounds for a Fader-approved track headlined by a potent main vocal described as having an orange-yellow glow by BuzzBands.LA.

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Iuliano – Who Knows

The Italian musician luliano has debuted “Who Knows,” a single that draws on classical bossa nova just as much as alternative pop and indietronica. Ambling vocals conjure a Thom Yorke with suave complexity. What begins as a lighthearted stroll down the neck of a guitar descends into a dissonant soundscape of locomotive percussion and scatterbrained falsetto. The track is an engrossing marriage between the familiar and experimental.

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Premiere: Ashley Koett – Call Me [EP]

Out today is “Call Me” Ashley Koett, the new EP from Colorado artist Ashley Koett. “Call Me” features singles “Lovers” and the excellent title track + new ones “White Book”, “Sunday”, and “Bye Bye Baby”. With a sound that draws on influence from jazz and R&B and modern indie pop, rock, etc and Koett’s sound is at varying points throughout the EP surrealistic and dreamy and at other times more straightforward pop. The common thread throughout “Call Me” is its excellent songwriting and well-paced arranging that’s topped off by Koett’s cool, unique, and engaging vocal. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of Ashley Koett’s “Call Me” EP below.

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Eliza Shaddad – White Lines

The awesome Eliza Shaddad is back this week with news of an album (called Future) and the stream of her first new music in two years “White Lines”. “White Lines” is excellent, a minor-keyed rhythm-driven bit of A+ dark pop that sets Shaddad on a firm return footing.

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(B3SCI RECORDS) Laura Jean Anderson – Silence Won’t Help Me Now

Here at B3SCI we’re very pleased to announce(!) “Silence Won’t Help Now” by L.A. via Olympia, WA Laura Jean Anderson as a single on B3SCI Records. Written in part as a response to the 2016 election, Anderson describes the record “as an anthem to speak up” and “a personal pep talk to stand up for the things I believe in.” For more information on “Silence Won’t Help Me Now” (which is available now digitally and major streaming platforms) and Laura Jean Anderson make way to B3SCI Records.

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