Let’s say that you really wanted to catch Radiohead at Coachella this past year, but you live somewhere like Chicago and are not interested in paying a small fortune to sweat your ass off in the middle of the desert… what did you end up doing? You live streamed the shit out of that festival! Apply that same concept but on a nightly, worldwide scale, and we introduce you to your next favorite live content streaming destination, IROCKE. With over 2,000 live shows now streaming per month, this new start-up based out of Hermosa Beach, Ca. is at the forefront of what just might be the next big step in the rapidly evolving music industry.

B3SCI recently paid visit to the official beta launch party for IROCKE and received a first hand look at what the hype is all about. Mingling with different bloggers, venue owners, artists, managers, marketing execs, live streaming sources and others, we realized the true viability in the live streaming industry. Live music from Tom Freund and friends (tomfruend.com) was accompanied throughout the evening by a collection of brief speeches from IROCKE co-founder Karl Rogers and representatives of SkyRoomLive, ShowGo.tv, and TRI Studios (Bob Weir’s state of the art studio). In fine fashion, being projected on the back wall during the party was IROCKE in full swing, showcasing real time and live streams from Benny Benassi, Andrew W.K. gigs taking place around the country.

IROCKE is now open to the public. Visit the site and the first thing you will notice on the home page is an intuitive layout and design. It’s simple to use and easy to navigate, with many cool features, like sortable live shows by genre and other criteria. Also, members who choose to sign-up with IROCKE have the ability to click on an artist and see where they are playing next and what live streams have already happened. As a member of IROCKE, you can personalize your own profile with RSVPs for streams, sharing capabilities with friends and more. Throw in the fact that membership to join is currently free – and you have a winning recipe. With an expanding roster of live streams, IROCKE is the new source for live streaming music performances worldwide. By Brian Litwin

IROCKE california (Official)