August 11, 2012

OUTSIDE LANDS DAY 1 WRAP: Neil Young, Foo Fighters, Washed Out, Tennis, Of Monsters and Men, The Walkmen, Fitz and the Tantrums

Uncle Neil put the toy trains away long enough to burn through a scorching mix of newer material (songs about love, Canada, farming, etc ….) and Neil classics (songs about love, Canada, farming, etc).

Growl and Co. have a seemingly inexhaustible repertoire of modern rock radio hits at their disposal and the FF crew (now featuring Pat Smear!) were not shy about their deployment. Closer “Everlong”, one of those perfect alt rock songs, had even the most casual Foo fan head noddin’.

“Chill”wave (C.A.F. Fogwave?) took on a whole new meaning as Southerners Washed Out played their beachside vibe jams to a bathed-in-50-degrees-and-mist house at the Panhandle Stage.

Tennis’ windswept set was defined by OK to good execution of great songs.

Newcomers Of Monsters and Men turned out a HUGE crowd (of fans? or people bored with Beck?) The band’s songs and performance were tight and sharp but definitely after the first twenty minutes or so (at least to the ears of the relatively unfamiliar (us)) started to blend together maybe a little too much.

NYC vets The Walkmen impressed with their trademark big guitar atmospheres (think a spaghetti western set inside a dust-filled city alley) and singer Hamilton Leithhauser’s (one of the best names in rock) awesome Rod Stewart-esque caterwaul.

Fitz and his assembled Tantrums earn their dough on their uptempo high-energy live show, which the band easily and flawlessly delivered to the OSL Friday early birds.

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