August 13, 2012

OUTSIDE LANDS DAY 3 WRAP: Stevie Wonder, Bloc Party, Jack White, Santigold, City & Colour

Stevie’s a legend and any opportunity to see one of the greatest singers/songwriters/people ever should be savored.

Bloc Party brought their OK live show to an absolutely packed Twin Peaks stage. The Brits, although not world beaters on their instruments, created enough onstage energy to have the house locked in and engaged.

Uncle Jack did his best Johnny Depp impersonation for 70 minutes accompanied by a fiddler, double bassist, and a bathtub stomper (We made the bathtub part up). White’s closer “Seven Nation Army” turned a 50/50 psyched/apathetic crowd into a sea of Euro Cup 2012-esque revelers.

Santi White’s 50 minute Twin Peaks set featured big beats, womps, some neat live instrumentation and lots of crowd participation (incl. bringing up approx. 30-40 kids for 2012 single “Disparate Youth”)

Dallas Green’s City & Colour kept the vibes cool and the performance simple, running through a great set of acoustic-driven paeans to love, loss & life.

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