May 24, 2013

Preview: Lightning In A Bottle Festival 2013 @ Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA July 11th – 15th

Lightening In A Bottle 2013

As June approaches, the heart of festival season slowly creeps closer. Music and art lovers will flock to parks and open fields to experience the massive movement that is the new age music festival. What was once just a rotation of bands on one stage in an open field, has now turned into a multiple day experience of music, art, culture, food, etc. Just think, fans all over the country can literally plan a cross country road trip and incorporate a music festival into almost every major city if they like!

For us here in Southern California, we are blessed with both great land and weather making it practical for an abundance of festivals. One festival that stand outs for us this year has to be Lightning In A Bottle at Lake Skinner in Temecula, CA. The experience begins July 11th and will end July 15th, and with so much going on during this eco-friendly music and arts festival, I have already started mapping out a game plan.

Here are my top 5 acts (in no particular order) to not miss and my top 5 activities (non-music) that make this festival a unique and don’t miss experience.


Tycho – This festival seems almost like what Tycho, Scott Hanson, would throw himself. Meaning Tycho’s heavy reliance in rolling the whole aesthetic of music and art into one beautiful object. Fans swear by Tycho’s live performance and the 2011 release Dive is a go-to album for any new fan of ambient, downtempo, electronic music. Needless to say I am excited.

Giraffage – Charlie Yin will arrive at Lake Skinner after coming off some pretty incredible tours throughout Europe and the US. Don’t fret, no matter how many gigs he plays, he will always throw down. Having seen Giraffage play the B3SCI showcase at SXSW this year and from checking out the videos of his recent shows in Europe, I can attest that he is one not to be missed.

ODESZA – The combination of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches = pretty incredible music. This well kept secret from the Pacific Northwest will show those who have a thirst for new music that they need to be a topic of discussion before, during, and after Lightning In A Bottle.

Purity Ring – These guys are a well-called last minute addition to the festival line up! The Edmonton duo of Megan James and Corin Roddick will be all over the United States for the festival season this summer, but it’s this stop near San Diego that we’re most excited about. The 2012 head turner Shrines exploded all over the internet and when releasing their cover of Soulja Boy’s “Grammy”, the site with the download link crashed. Another great characteristic fit with the festival, Purity Ring’s use of lights is mainstay of the duo, more specifially with Corin’s drums.

Nicolas Jaar – There is too much talent at Lightning In A Bottle, and these are all my top 5, but Bronx born Nicolas Jaar should be on everyone’s list. The 23 year old producer has an incredible rap sheet of remixes, singles and buzz from all over the globe. I still can’t get “The Ego” out of my head since it was released this past November.


Greeniest Festival – Lightning In A Bottle prides itself in a lot of things, but being one of the most green festivals in the world is something to be proud of. Every time I leave a show, I always look around at all the trash everywhere and it reminds me of the end of Wayne’s World 2. While Lightning In A Bottle is not only like Wayne and Garth helping out their naked Native-American friend, it is also an educator on how to help keep the Earth clean.

Free Filtered Water – If I may vent for a moment; Why is this so hard for other festivals to do? Is the $5 bottled water mark-up too sexy to pass up? Lightning In A Bottle doesn’t care, they have feelings for their patrons and understand their need to be taken care. Is this genius or should I just say common sense?

Interactive Art and Installations – Music incorporates art already and Lightning In A Bottle plays an even heavier role in the visual arts (The Do Lab puts on the festival, and should you expect anything less?). These interactive and massive art installations are a big pull for some attendees, and icing on the cake for others.

Lake Skinner – The park itself is awe inspiring. Lake Skinner is a very popular camping stop in Southern California. It is home to the Solar Cup (eco-boating competition) and the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. The festival location was recently moved here, and I think for the better.

The Temple – A designated area to do yoga, drink tea, meditate, listen to worldly music and eat incredible organic food in the midst of a music festival. If free water wasn’t a great idea already, this is brilliant.

Event preview by Brian Litwin

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