June 21, 2013

Review: Designer Drugs @ Saint Rocke in Los Angeles (6/14/2013)

Designer Drugs at Saint Rocke

Often I find myself in the South Bay of Los Angeles at what seems to be the standout venue of the area, Saint Rocke… and more often then not it’s for night caps and live music. This past Friday (6/14), I capped off the busy week with a couple of whiskeys and a fantastic set from NYC electro duo Designer Drugs.

The set was streamed live by iRocke, a great new start up that enables you to view endless live shows straight from your computer screen. Shaking the very brick foundation of Sainte Rocke, the UItra Records signee signaled their arrival with massive bass. The air in the venue was dense with smoke and layers of lights. DD fired off Wolfgang Gartner’s “Nuke” and GTA’s “Booty Bounce” while mixing in remixes and originals. One of those originals, “Space Based”, has a new music video out via Noisey (here) and Ultra records where some guy gets the old NSFW switch-a-roo in Bangkok.

The music alone that night, left everyone leaving the club partied out and with different genres of EDM stuck ringing in their ears. Emerging combo Designer Drugs are one to check out.

Words By Brian Litwin
Photos By Brittany Rogy

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