November 28, 2012

Review: Dirty South @ The Palladium in Hollywood, Ca. 11.24.12

There are shows, events, and all sorts of concerts that go around the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but it doesn’t seem like any of those can touch the environment of an Insomniac event. From the opening DJ’s to the confetti cannons of Dirty South’s intro track… it’s just that different. Even if it’s not your “thing” to attend a “rave” type event, I’d almost guarantee that you’ll secretly find yourself having a good time. The atmosphere brings plenty of people of all ages around town, and even some from out of state, to party till the sun comes up with smiles and good vibes. The term PLUR (google it) isn’t just a saying to this crowd, it’s pretty much a lifestyle. Being a photographer, I always welcome the challenge to capture this sort of feeling. Thankfully I got my chance to really soak it all in last Saturday night. The combo of thundering bass, eclectic synths, light shows, fog and lasers easily took this crowd to another world. There’s always a certain sense of passion you get when you’re surrounded with Dirty South’s euphoric music, and it suddenly becomes clear how his crowd can party for 6+ hours. A good party can go on for however long the heart desires. The only negative thing I had to say about The City of Dreams tour is that I haven’t attended it before! Review and Photos by Russ Ramos

Dirty South (Official)

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