February 6, 2015

Review: LANY @ Sayers Club, Los Angeles 02/03/15


Review by Brian Litwin

Tuesday nights are just done differently in Hollywood. Good looking people, drinks constantly flowing, smiles around and buzz around what the new hottest thing may be. This is the Hollywood norm and LANY at the Sayers Club brought all that buzz to life last night.

Riding a giant wave of Internet love, now LA trio LANY ripped into one of their first live shows. Playing catchy electro-pop tracks like “BRB” and the new single “Bad, Bad, Bad”, the group had the massive industry presence chomping at the bit. Friends and fans were singing along to the lyrics of “ILYSB” and the at capacity crowd vibed to the single “Made In Hollywood” to cap off the impressive showing.

Give these three amigos 2015 to find a home, develop more songs (they only have 7 songs to date and have been a band for 9 months) and hop on a tour (opening for the 1975 would do wonders for these dudes), and check back to see how big they can be.




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