June 29, 2012


Here’s something fresh for your radars by way of new LA based duo MOTION CNTRL. The pair’s sound is dance floor ready, offering up a catchy and well groomed blend of minimal synth pop. With only a handful of tracks circulating the underground, cuts like “Rolling Shallow” and “It Feels Right” are fast becoming summer mix mandatories. We recently had the chance to chat with Allyce and Luke from the band and you can have a look at what they had to say below:

MOTION CNTRL – Rolling Shallow

B3: The next time that you go to a record store, what are you reaching for first?

ALLYCE: I always check out the dance/electronic section first. See what’s new. My go-to’s are late 70’s early 80’s music compilations. Always good finds there.

LUKE: some high quality cd , something that had a big budget and nice packaging and was on a major label. And anything between 1978 and 1987.

B3: Your song “It Feels Right” is pretty irresistible. How does “right” make you feel?

LUKE: whats “right” is recognizing the shared human experience. “it feels right” is about coming up in our modern world where you have to make strange choices, and remembering that we all are in it together.

ALLYCE: “It Feels Right” makes me think of finding personal fulfillment. And being in the moment without losing yourself in it all. When I’ve been good to myself and other people, things seem to come into my life at the right time and place. That’s when it feels “right” to me.

MOTION CNTRL – It Feels Right

B3: What inspired the creation of MOTION CNTRL and is there any musical history behind the band and it’s members?

ALLYCE: We met at our day job and started talking about music. We had both worked on music on our own before. I was definitely looking to collaborate with someone. When I heard Luke’s music I loved it. He liked my voice and writing so we just started working. It’s been fun to find our sound together and continue evolving musically.

LUKE: we met and had similar tastes in music so i had her sing over one of my tracks. her voice fit nicely with my music and she’s a quality person so it was clear we should keep it moving. i had done some music before but nothing to crazy.

B3: What do lyrics in music mean to you and do you think there is a certain role they play in songs?

LUKE: it depends on the style of music. its up to the song to determine how important the lyrics are. the lyrics in a rick springfield or def leppard song are not that important because the musics so big, but in a tracy chapman tune your catching every word. i generally don’t care much about lyrics, im much more focused on the production.

ALLYCE: I think lyrics in music can make statements and help people think or relate to a certain experience. It can be a powerful tool for change when an artist is sending a message, whether it be to an individual or to humanity as a whole. When an artist writes lyrics in a poetic way and tells a story, I’m much more connected to it.

B3: How do you feel about EDM?

LUKE: i grew up on it. future sound of london, apex twin, goldie, meat beat manifesto, i love all that shit. im especially feeling this new sound too, calvin harris, avicii, swedish house mafia, i was freaking out at wmc this year.

ALLYCE: I’ve always loved electronic dance music. I grew up on it as well in the bay area raver days lol.. The beginnings of electronic dance music is such a cool combination of punk, disco, funk, and electronic. All the music I love. I’ve been excited to hear current artists bring back some of the original sounds and combine them with new music. I’m definitely looking forward to what’s to come.

B3: What have you been listening to lately?

LUKE: my day to day music is all about a few hip hop blogs, so i’ve been on chief keef, meek mill, french montana etc.. but im also always listening to inxs, genesis, dire straits etc..

ALLYCE: Lately I’ve been listening to a little everything. I’ve liked what Trust, Grimes, and John Maus have been doing. Always love listening to Bryan Ferry.

B3: So we’ve got this time machine back at b3sci HQ. Where are we taking you guys?

MC: 500 years in the future. Whenever LA becomes like Blade Runner.

B3: When can fans expect something new from MOTION CNTRL?

MC: We have some remixes coming out soon for “It Feels Right” and “Rolling Shallow”. And we’re working on an EP to release this Fall.

B3: Any tour plans in the works?

MC: Right now we’re playing some shows in Los Angeles. We’re planning on doing shows in San Francisco and New York in the near future.

B3: What makes for an ageless record in your opinion?

ALLYCE: A timeless record to me has good songs from beginning to end and gives you an overall experience. And definitely a sound that is unique to that album.

LUKE: anytime a great songwriter a great producer a great engineer and great musicians get together i think timeless music is made.

B3: First impressions speak millions, especially in today’s digital age of short attention spans. Whenever anybody has the MOTION CNTRL “experience” for the first time, what is the first impression you’d like those listeners to walk away thinking?

LUKE: solid modern music

ALLYCE: We have fun making our music and I would hope that comes across through our music and gives people a good feeling. Hopefully it inspires dance moves or just nice tunes for a road trip.. Either would make me happy.

B3: Is there a song, or artist, that made you personally want to write and share music with people?

LUKE: “pyt” by micheal jackson was a big deal for me, aphex twin was big, and “waiting for the man” by lou reed

ALLYCE: It’s hard to just name one song or artist.. John Lennon’s “Imagine” comes to mind. So beautiful. And the popular Radiohead. I fell in love with their Bends album. And Bjork with her electronic melodies. All great inspirations.

B3: What are 3 things that you guys absolutely couldn’t live without?

MC: Good music, good people, fun times.

B3: What are 3 things that you guys could totally be cool living without?

MC: Close mindedness. Greed. Inequality.

MOTION CNTRL california (Official)

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