April 10, 2013

Danger Village: SPRING BREAK NINETY-NINE!!! (April 2013 Mix)

Spring Frog

B3SCI has teamed up with the good peeps at Danger Village to drop this exclusive mix of their choice Spring 2013 worthy jams. Owner Beth Martinez curates the mix track by track below. Hibernation doesn’t stand a chance.

1) holychild “Best Friends”

This song sets the tone perfectly for what I want to come across in this mix. For spring we’re looking to brighter, organic sounds threaded through with good feelings of friendship and laughter. Shifting away from the electronic-heavy vibes of the last mix, this song feels like all things lovely and light while still twisting in the confrontational vocal edge.

2) Denai Moore “Gone”

In February I put a British songstress, Laura Mvula, on the mix. Denai Moore comes from the same city, and this stripped down rendition of this ballad reveals how stringently gorgeous her vocals are without embellishment. I obviously love high-produced material, but nothing goes straight to your heart like these soulful vocals.

3) Rainy Milo “This Thing of Ours”

We can’t stop listening to Rainy Milo. The tone of her voice is lovely and this song is excellent.

4) Autre Ne Veut “Counting”

One of my favorite bands I saw at SXSW and one of my favorite albums of the year so far.

5) Jagwar Ma “The Throw”

Convoluted textures and excellent progression. Somehow Jagwar Ma is the only Australian band on this mix.

6) Freedom Fry “Friends and Enemies”

A breezy song about Frenemies. I love how Freedom Fry is able to make intelligent songwriting sound simple.

7) Mystery Skulls “Ghost”

If you want to get pumped up for anything, put this song on. Pay attention to this guy.

8) Mikael Cronin “Weight”

It’s a melodic and bombastic cocktail. I wish more rock bands were able to write songs like these.

9) Shelter Point “Braille”

Shelter Point makes delicately ardent music. The alien sounds in this song keep making me think my phone is ringing.

10) Shlomo ft HTDW “Don’t Say No”

I love everything about How to Dress Well and this Shlomo collab is so fab. Tom Krell’s vocals lead well into the next artist…

11) Justin Timberlake “Mirrors”

This is probably the most adult-contempo song I’ve ever truly loved. It feels like such a progression in his career, and lyrically I think it’s a very mature assessment of the evolution of a “grown-up” relationship. It feels like a true love song to me, which is always my favorite thing.

12) Sigur Ros “Brennistein”

I’m loving the weightier sound of this song. Leave it to Sigur Ros to make “heavy” sound “gorgeous.”

13) Phospherescent “Song For Zula”

I love how this song encapsulates the feeling of entrapment that comes with being broken in love. The epic lyrics here feel so out of place in modern pop music, it made me realize we don’t see many oathey songs these days. When did epic songwriting go the way of Homer?

14) Cloud Boat – “Youthern”

Been loving everything out of the Cloud Boat camp lately.

15) Active Child “Evening Ceremony”

Stunning church-wave at its finest.

16) Beach House “Troublemaker”

Like Real Estate, Beach House is a paradigm of a band that has the ability to continue refining their craft while retaining their singular sound. “Troublemaker” is a song I’ve had on repeat- the airier sounds fit well with spring’s breezes.

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