September 19, 2013

Interview w/ Black Light Dinner Party

Sons & Lovers Art

The anticipated debut album Sons & Lovers from NYC collective Black Light Dinner Party sees release this coming Tuesday, September 24th. B3SCI correspondant Brian Litwin recently caught up with the band for a quick chat in run up to the big release. Sample the album below and also check out the new video for title track “Sons and Lovers”.

B3SCI: How did Black Light Dinner Party come to be?

BLDP We were each producing music independently, Flying Lotus kind of stuff. We would bounce ideas around with other but, when we wrote “Older Together”, that’s when it became real. 

B3SCI: The band seemed rather elusive a couple years back and now you guys seem much more out in the open. How has this “unveiling” factored into the success? 

BLDP It’s a bit of everything. Transparency would have felt wrong given the circumstances. The way things played out, we couldn’t be more excited.

B3SCI: What does a ‘Black Light Dinner Party’ look like and what food is being served? 

BLDP You’ll have to use your imagination. We can’t tell you that now, that would spoil all the fun…

B3SCI: Please tell me how you guys got in contact with porn star Ron Jeremy in the video for “Gold Chain”? 

BLDP Dan our bassist had his number in college. We would call him at parties, as a joke, and we’d end up having long, thoughtful conversations with him. Ron is outgoing and articulate.

B3SCI: Can you give us a little insight on your upcoming debut album Sons & Lovers? What can fans expect? What was the recording process like for you? 

BLDP Sons & Lovers is a collection of our best work since the very beginning. We didn’t really have a concept in mind other than the track that set us off wanting to start a band. “Older together” was the spark and Sons & Lovers is the fire.

B3SCI: The production on tracks like “Older Together” and “We Are Golden” is superb. What synths are you guys using? Is there one piece of gear that you cannot live without?

BLDP Thank you! We have a Korg Poly-61 that was one of the early house synths. Juno 106 is a great resource. Also, Joel has an Italian Oberheim that is special. GForce is making some amazing softsynths too. We can nerd out on this all day.

B3SCI: Is there a particular track from the album that you guys take away as a particular achievement?

BLDP In many ways “Lift Away” was the steepest to climb. I think “Sons and Lovers,” the track, is the most impactful for us. “We Are Golden” hits closest to home.

B3SCI: Do you have a musical guilty pleasure?

BLDP We love Katy Perry, though I’m not so sure we feel guilty about that. 

B3SCI: We’re hooking you dudes up with a ride on the B3SCI time machine, where/when are you going to, and why?

BLDP 1972, Abbey Roads studios so we can hang out in the studio with Pink Floyd while they make The Dark Side of the Moon.

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