September 28, 2013

Interview w/ Little Daylight

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Brooklyn based collective Little Daylight have hit the scene with an indie-pop roar in 2013. Their first single “Overdose” was a beacon of early ’13, and following they debuted their live show at SXSW with subsequent touring with Charli XCX, Bastille, and Marina and the Diamonds. It’s no doubt this trio have been hard at work in anticipation of their debut, and recently released, Tunnel Vision EP. Team B3SCI recently had the chance to catch up with the band to briefly chat about a forthcoming album, life on the road — and of course NYC in the year 2213. Have a look at the conversation below.

B3SCI: We have to ask… is the band name based any bit off of the 1871 fairy tale by George MacDonald titled Little Daylight?

LD: Now the cat’s out of the bag! Yes, we were drawn to the idea of lightness vs. darkness that is inherent in that fairy tale. This juxtaposition tends to find its way into our music.

B3SCI: The band made it’s live debut at SXSW this year. How was the experience being initially exposed in such a crowded festival style environment? How would you best explain your growth as a band since?

LD: It was awesome for us to be able to debut the band live at SXSW. We knew there would be the opportunity for a good amount of exposure in Austin, so we rehearsed a lot leading up to it. We set up a few warm-up shows under a different name in New York to get the kinks out. The whole experience went great and since then we finished and released our EP and have done a bunch of touring, with Charli XCX, Bastille, and Marina and the Diamonds. We are also at work on our full-length, which should be ready to release just in time for SXSW next year.

B3SCI: Speaking of touring with Bastille and Charli XCX, have things been any different on the road most recently now with the Tunnel Vision EP upfront on people’s minds?

LD: Yes, definitely. We can tell that a chunk of the audience now knows the songs from the EP. It’s a great feeling to play to people who know and love the songs and sing along.

B3SCI: Is there a particular track on Tunnel Vision that the band hold especially close to their heart? Is there a story worth sharing?

LD: “Overdose” definitely holds a special spot. It was not the first song that we wrote together, but it was the first one that demanded to be released. We had a bunch of songs recorded and ready to go, but we all knew that “Overdose” was something special. Once it was finished, we knew it was time to release it and begin the Little Daylight story.

B3SCI: Give us one guilty pleasure that has an influence in your writing today…

LD: Are there really musical guilty pleasures anymore? Lorde is on Z100, in between Katy Perry and Daft Punk. I think we’re living in a post-guilty pleasure world, which is a beautiful thing.

B3SCI: We’re hooking you guys up with a roundtrip ticket on our (very real) B3SCI time machine. Where are you going and why?

LD: The year 2213, New York City. Curious if it will be under water then.

*Interviewed by Brian Litwin

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