September 16, 2016

Premiere: Mondo Cozmo – Shine

We don’t know much about Mondo Cozmo but there seems to be much to like about this LA via Philly native. With a lot of pretty consistent redundancy in the sound of today’s popular music (on both sides of the pond), Mondo Cozmo clearly doesn’t care to take note about the status quo. Distinct influence by way of decades deep Mancunian/Brit rock is paired with a tactful baritone vocal, reminiscent of icons like Bill Withers and Bob Dylan. Mondo Cozmo is sure to ring home for anyone who appreciates an honest soul in their music. For us, “Shine” is authentically classic and assertively relevant. Be on the look out for more Mondo Cozmo and “Shine” on a debut EP expected in 2017.

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