November 11, 2015

Rave’s Fave: The Gods Themselves – Tangerines


Here’s a Seattle 3-piece that’s hard rock, psychedelic, slightly retro, dancy, and much more. The Gods Themselves list their genre as Psychedelic Dance Music and the bottom line is they sound fresh as hell on “Tangerines” from their Pink Noise album. If you’re hooked on guitar hooks, this track will probably slay you. The tune launches with a winning riff that you’ll swear you’ve heard a million times–but it’s slightly bent. There are a few curve balls in this tune, such as the sudden synth solo that feels like a cool lemonade on a hot day. I find their music goes well with The Dead Weather, with Astra Elane’s raw rock guitars and vocals. They just completed a tour of the Pacific Northwest. No further dates are listed but let’s hope they hit some more distant destinations very soon. Reviewed by Bruce Rave.

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