September 21, 2015

Rave’s Fave: The Struts – Where Did She Go


As of late, a few bands have been adding some edge and energy to what has been a light and pop feel to American “alternative” radio. One of these bands is The Struts who have a national airplay hit with “Could Have Been Me”. They channel a heavy 70’s British glam feel, and singer Luke Spiller has made no bones about Queen being his favorite band. He sounds like Freddy Mercury much of the time and even has the early Mercury hairstyle. The band got its name because of Luke strutting around the stage even in rehearsals. A deeper track from them is the rollicking “Where Did She Go”, which reminds of monster 70’s Brit bands like Slade. They will be touring the US this fall. Check ‘em out. Reviewed by Bruce Rave.

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The Struts (Facebook)

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