May 14, 2012

An L.A. Ramble for Levon Helm this Tuesday at The Mint

Come celebrate the life and music of the late Levon Helm this Tuesday at The Mint in Los Angeles. The night will begin with a dinner and rare screening of the Levon Documentary: Ain’t In It for My Health which has been making it’s tour around recent film festival circuits. Per the Los Angeles Film Festival:

Starting with the image of a tour bus warming its engine in the stillness of an empty lot, this haunting, personal portrait of music legend Levon Helm evokes the mood of a lifetime spent on the road. Jacob Hatley’s extraordinarily intimate documentary finds Helm, a founding member of The Band, at home in Woodstock in the midst of creating his first studio album in 25 years. The ultimate survivor, he’s overcome drugs, bankruptcy, the bitter breakup of The Band and a bout of throat cancer -but then, as the rueful title indicates, he wasn’t in it for his health.

Following the documentary The Dead Ships, The Dustbowl Revival, The Muddy Reds, John Wayne Bro, The Driftwood Singers and some special guests will be collaborating and jamming out some of Levon Helm’s best known songs. This is an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the life and work of Levon Helm that you can’t see anywhere else.

All proceeds from the night’s event go to Rocking Out Cancer.

The Mint california (Event Info) (21 & over)

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