May 29, 2014

Amber Run – Sparks [EP]

Amber run

Amber Run’s Spark EP is a delicate discourse on thisNottingham bands’ aching pop and rock sensibilities. Having seemed to learned a few tricks from bands like Arcade Fire, Amber Run also manage to pull in a few edgy lyrics from the relevancy popular culture. The band tread ‘familiar’ sonic territory on lead track “Sparks”, while still managing an uplifting piece of emotive currency. The following track “Heaven” rides a more diversified groove with a heavy hand on the hi-hat. The mid-section “Chamber” is a lovely tune that rises above a dusty guitar arpeggio into a cacophony of synths.

Things seem to mellow out as the epic closer “Hide & Seek” takes hold for almost five minutes. It’s here that Amber Run seem to find a striking and authentic stride, particularly it’s the airy auto-tuned vocals that bloom as the instrumentation drops in and out. If their dream was to achieve a radio ready single, the boys are golden with “Sparks”, but it’s the artistic possibilities that bubble up later in the EP which are particularly noteworthy. There is something here… hinting that this five piece could become much more than another Britpop powerhouse singing falsetto “ooohs” over massive drums.

Spark was released on the 20th of April on RCA. Purchase here: Reviewed by Mike Olinger

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Rating: 8.4


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