February 5, 2016

Astronomyy – Something About U (Artlife Remix)


New-to-B3 artist Artlife are the electronic duo of Casper Jansen & Benjamin Brommer (two close friends who currently live in Amsterdam, Netherlands). We’re jamming out to the duo’s new highly recommendable up-tempo piano-melody-infused remix of Astronomy tune “Something About You” (and totally loving it). According to the Artlife Soundcloud page, after being asked to remix the song by Astronomyy himself the pair set out to create a mix that “keep[s] the deep chords and cool vocal lines while making it more up-tempo and energetic”. Artlife does a beautiful job at highlighting the melody and texturing the remix with their signature multi-dimensional piano-led instrumental touches and phenomenally enhancing guided guitar riff. Our very favorite part of the remix is the euphoric dramatic pause-y portion around 1:25 where there is a perfectly enchanting cohesion of instrumental elements. This is a fantastic remix, we actually like it better than the original. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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