October 24, 2012

Bat For Lashes – The Haunted Man [LP]

It’s no secret that the first two studio albums from Bat For Lashes, Fur and Gold and Two Suns, enjoyed plenteous universal acclaim. Some critics have seemed a bit disappointed with Bat For Lashes most recent and third album The Haunted Man, yet there are many bright spots on the release. Focusing more pointed attention on her vocals, and backing off beats and bass lines, Natasha Khan gives a beautiful performance, and particularly on the album’s opening track “Lilies”. Natasha’s voice soars over the mystical rhythmic layers and steady drum beats throughout The Hunted Man. Khan has cited the album as being inspired in part by a 1970’s British drama known as “Ryan’s Daughter”, and Bat For Lashes ushers executes on the paralleled and psychologically haunting themes with a trademark elegance. By Brian Litwin

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Rating 8.0


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