September 19, 2013

Being There – In The Dark

'In The Dark' by Being There

Most bands do it (whether or not you’ll ever get them to admit it is another story), but a name/line-up/sound change for most bands is often a necessary and healthy evolution. Consider it a growing pain. UK collective Being There have recently returned to the scene with a similar statement of sorts. The driving bass line of “In The Dark” and the counter melodic tendencies of the song speak volumes to pop maturity. As the band explains, “The song is a little about someone close to you moving abroad…. It’s also about the anonymity of cities – in the dark you can be whoever you want to be. And it’s also about mirrors, once experience mirroring another, one person mirroring another, the water of the canal mirroring your image.” Well put – Being There have got our attention.

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