March 30, 2016

Black Honey – All My Pride


Black Honey announce new “Headspin” EP (out April 29th) with stream of “All My Pride”. The UK act continue their traverse of the UK press and promo ladder garnerning mentions in The Guardian and NME as well as frequent Radio 1 rotation. “All My Pride” as a song is an excellent execution in the trendy styling of the current and ongoing 90’s revival. The track and band do have more sides to them than just that (50’s styled-harmonies, awareness of chart pop songwriting tricks, etc) but BH’s penchant for Major-era big anthemic melodic choruses and hooks ticks just enough relevance boxes to put them square at the front of many indie journo’s consciousnesses. “Headspin” EP is due on April 29.

Black Honey
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