November 28, 2011

Black Star – Fix Up (Prod. Madlib)


Some dope shit dropped (that Florence cover of “Take Care”) over Thanksgiving weekend while we were all back in Cleveland chilling in our parents’ basements going in on MTV Jams. Top of the list of “shit that dropped while we were away” is this new Black Star(!) track (that’s right Talib and that guy formerly known as Mos Def are back!) produced by Madlib(!) (We can’t get enough of that MadGibbs shit). Hearing a new Black Star track is sort of like finding the holy grail or capturing a narwhal or something around here. We could be more psyched. “FIX UP”.

Black Star – Fix Up (Prod. Madlib)

Black Star newyork (Wikipedia that shit)

Rating 9.2


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