December 1, 2010

Coldplay – Christmas Lights


Gotta give it up to Chris Martin & co. “Christmas Lights” is great. It has all those components that make for good holiday music, feelings of nostalgia, feelings of warmth, and feelings of familiarity. “Christmas Lights” sounds familiar, probably cause it is, after all, Coldplay. “Christmas Lights” feels warm, it feels like a reminder. I put the tune on earlier for the first time, and I can’t front, I was skeptical I thought Coldplay doing a Christmas single, how many times shlocky will this end up being. But by the fifth or sixth listen (I had lost count), I was hooked. I was practically ready to trim the tree and all that by the end of the afternoon. Check it below.

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

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Rating: 8.0


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