February 25, 2014

Coldplay – Midnight


Hate on Coldplay all you want, the sob-pop bros just keep gettin’ dollars. Martin & co. have never (for the better permutations Viva La Vida or the worse X&Y) been bashful about pushing/changing up their sound; which for as Leviathan-sized an act as Coldplay are, they don’t get the credit for that they should. “Midnight” is, while a bit of surprise stylistically (there’s some definite Bon Iver/James McMorrow creepin’ goin’ on in the Chris & Gwyneth household); the caliber of the track and its adventurousness otherwise (the more obtuse dance elements of “Midnight” are particularly rewarding) is an even larger (and very pleasant) positive surprise. Welcome back, Coldplay.

Coldplay england: (Official)

Rating: 8.6


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