March 8, 2018

Denton Thrift – Confessional

Excerpted here from forthcoming “Sight” EP for Majestic Records is “Confessional”, the latest stream from Leeds Uk-based Denton Thrift. The twosome (one from Northern Ireland, one from Devon UK) met up while studying music at school in Leeds and began writing together during a stint abroad in Denton, Texas.

About the track Denton Thrift explain, “Confessional is a song written from the perspective of someone struggling with mental illness while trying to keep a relationship together. Having the realisation that they might not ever recover from the illness, their only choice is to confess to their partner that they may not ever be capable of change, hoping that the truth will solidify them. In a bittersweetness they know their partner will not leave, however, they cannot reconcile with their decision to stay.”

Stream the B3-approved “Confessional” below.

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