May 21, 2009

Doves live @ the Wiltern Theater LA 5.15.09


The Doves four album career has been a solid one that not many bands can boast… especially bands from the last 10 years. Droning melodic pleasure, this trio’s sonic atmosphere is comprised of a distinctive and soulful rock and roll that tugs at your ears the way your favorite food tugs at your taste buds.

The Williams brothers, Jez and Andy, Jimi Goodwin, and their unofficial fourth member keyboardist Martin Rebelski, induced a packed house at the Wiltern Theater this past Friday in LA. They kicked off their set with the steady crescendo of their single “Jetstream”, hinting their set may be heavy with songs off their new ‘return to their roots’esque’ release Kingdom Of Rust. Luckily it was, and favorites included the albums title track and single potential rocker “Winter Hill”.

Other highlights… “Catch the Sun” still sounded as good as the first day I heard it and they nailed “The Outsiders” and “Snowden” with particularly spot on vocals. In between jokes about sexy “slap bass” and our beloved James Brown, Doves delivered their set in fine tune.

The critically acclaimed trio has scored 2 #1 albums in the UK with The Last Broadcast and Some Cities, and their new release Kingdom Of Rust has reached number 2. They’ve shared bills with the likes of New Order, Travis, Muse, Roger Daltry, Suede, Low, Oasis, Elbow, The Strokes, Coldplay and U2. Still with this track record, in the US Doves find themselves in the same unfortunate rut of limited commercial success that befalls so many great British bands. It’s not their fault though, it’s no secret that the States are the bermuda triangle of British rock and roll. Freak phenomena aside music enthusiasts everywhere will continue to optimistically anticipate whatever the consistantly great Doves have to offer..

Doves – The Last Broadcast
Doves – The Man Who Told Everything






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