November 30, 2011

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis

Contributed by Trevor Meyer


London’s Gabriel Bruce has just released his debut 7” “Sleep Paralysis”. The deluxe package features Bruce’s 7”, as well as 50 page book featuring illustrations, poetry, and introspections on the concept of sleep paralysis. There is evidence to suggest that sleep paralysis can be caused by multiple factors, one being migraine headaches. Whether you’re a lucid dreamer, or just a light sleeper, most of us have probably experienced some form of sleep paralysis even if only for a second. “Sleep Paralysis” is one of the most intense songs I have ever heard. Bruce’s voice has shades of all of my favorite C’s (Cohen, Cash, and Cave) and his dance moves resemble my other favorite C, Ian Curtis. The video is a great accompaniment to the song. Intense. Check it out.

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis

Gabriel Bruce england (Facebook)

Rating 8.4


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