March 28, 2014

Gallant – Jupiter Grayscale (Prod. Maths Time Joy)


“Jupiter Grayscale” is the brand new collaboration between fave R&B singer Gallant and fave instrumentalist Maths Time Joy. Wow. The low-touch vibe-heavy production/instrumental from MTJ is a near perfect match for Gallant’s subtle and melodic airy croon and the two have as evidenced on “Jupiter Greyscale” have both pushed each other creatively to a new level as this is the best track yet from Gallant. (and the credit yet in the production field for Maths Time Joy). “Jupiter Greyscale” is a standout moment for both artists. P.S. Don’t miss our show with Gallant this Sunday (3/30) at the Bootleg in L.A.; details here.

Gallant (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.3


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