February 9, 2016

Ghost Loft – Daily Demo 2 (2/2/2016)


B3 favorite Koreatown (Los Angeles) producer Ghost Loft returns from a year long hiatus with a plan to release a daily demo on Soundcloud (we’re not sure for how long). At his 9th tune in the series as of today, Ghost Loft has us totally compelled after hearing just two tunes from it (we are psyched to check out more from the set). At the moment, we’re listening to #2 and #7 from the group of songs. A soulful array of sensationally suave chill beats, crystal clear keyboard melodics and a brilliant, entrancing mesh of vocal harmonies, we think # 2 is outrageously good. Such a beautiful song! The very lovely and atmospheric #7, a totally different animal with its pleasant folk guitar riffing, largely instrumental style and dreamy tone-infused melodics, also warrants a listen. Just based on these two and a quick listen of the rest, we can say this compilation is indeed a work of art; try to to hear it in one sitting to get the full effect (if you tally up the tracks it’s practically 30 minutes in duration so give you some time). Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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