February 5, 2014

Giraffage: The Dream – Love Hate (Album Remix) [Mixtape]

Giraffage Remixes The-Dream

B3SCI may be crushing on Giraffage, but Giraffage is focusing all his crush on The Dream. More specifically The Dream’s 2007 album Love Hate. He had already remixed The Dreams’ “Shawty is Da Shit” to well received fan fare, so the next step (naturally) was to remix the entire album. The influence that The Dream has had on Giraffage is apparent in the way he approaches his own songwriting. A standout remix on this homage project is the album’s then second single “Falsetto”. The Giraffage touch is perfect for this track, a slow burner turned club chiller all while keeping that filthy guitar solo. Well done, sir. Reviewed By Brian Litwin

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Rating 8.5


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