November 18, 2011

Grabbel and the Final Cut – The Finest Thing


When we first heard “The Finest Thing”, we thought, whoa, here’s a neo-shoegaze band that sounds un-neo-shoegaze, like they sound like actual good shoegaze, like good classic shoegaze. And then we did a little research….and turns out Grabbel and the Final cut are a German(!) band from the early 90’s, “The Finest Thing” was recorded in 1991, and the release of the song is part of a reissue series of classic shoegaze 7-inches by Captured Tracks. Sweet. And we wondering where they got that sweet analog distortion pad for Garageband! Good work on unearthing this one, chaps.

Grabbel and the Final Cut – The Finest Thing

Grabbel and The Final Cut germany (Facebook)

Rating 8.0


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