May 1, 2013

Heavy Deeds – One Drum

Heavy Deeds

Heavy Deeds out of Minneapolis manage the rather daunting task of making guitar-driven psychedelia sound interesting (as opposed to nostalgia-sniffing drivel) quite well with “One Drum”. Excerpted from the band’s upcoming “Light Lunch” EP, “One Drum”, by it’s very psychedelic definition, sounds like a lot of things; but the track is so good (and this is really the mark of great retro-referencing music) that none of that is nearly as concerning than just how very strong the song actually is on its own. Sort of fashioned like a very groove-intensive hymn, complete with organ and dusty midnight-on-the-open-highway guitars, “One Drum” is hypnotic, transportive beautiful & really really addicting.

Heavy Deeds – One Drum

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Rating 8.5


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