January 21, 2016

KAYLOO – Porte Dorée


B3 recently covered New York-based Parisian Kayloo for his subtle yet robust trap-accented French-touch-permeated late night dance spin on the Internet’s poetic-sexy vocals-led Ego Death album gem “Get Away”. We also recommend Kayloo’s new groovy chill-vibe lounge-y instrumental beat track “Porte Dorée” (French for Golden Gate). Kayloo’s third track to hit the pages of B3, “Porte Dorée”, is a warmly enveloping rhythmic-melodic electro soundscape that vaguely (not sure the circumstances) pays homage to another B3 fave artist TEK.LUN. (We would love to know the story behind this very good tune.) Kayloo (now rep’d by Singapore label Darker Than Wax) exhibits a good deal of artistic promise on the track and we look forward to hearing more songs from him real soon. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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