February 4, 2016

Kickflip Mike – Vanilla Seibt


World renowned London Underground music show The Boiler Room debuts new track “Vanilla Selbt”, a uniquely spun instrumental deep house beauty from European producer Kickflip Mike, a.k.a. Joschka Seibt, who (according to TBR) is best known for being at the right-hand of vet Euro producer/musician Max Graef. “Vanilla Selbt”, the fifth original track to release off Money $ex Records “005” EP, is The Boiler Room’s top choice out of the five tracks (we agree). We’re totally compelled by Kickflip Mike’s outstanding chime-y effulgence on the track and also love how he masterfully weaves an inventive mix of beautifully garish distorted drum sonics into the track to act as a kind of stormy-side grounding balance to the chipper melodic scales. Awesome tune. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

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