August 31, 2011

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I (Metronomy Remix)


So Born This Way is terrible. Track by track the record is a study in what happens when a writer overreaches his/her abilities. Shittly formed swings at “anthems” and “game changers” or a “new kind of sound”, etc. Part of me still feels (and this is probably crazy) that Gaga somehow tanked LP 2 on purpose and that it’s failure is part of some broader narrative arc. Anyway, one of the biggest shitbrick offenders on Born This Way is “Yoü And I”; here current blogoverse darlings Metronomy do their best to shine up the garbaggio track. The Metronomy crew take the track to a darker more monochromatic place. The mix sounds “pretty good”, definitely far more listenable than the original. Give it a spin. (HCM)

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I (Metronomy Remix)

Metronomy england (Official) (Twitter)

Rating 7.9


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