July 24, 2013

Lucius – Hey, Doreen

lucius - hey doreen

Hey, Doreen what a lovely track you’ve got there. Proving again that Mom + Pop are unable to miss in the artists they select, latest signees Lucius absolutely knock it out with new single “Hey, Doreen”. The likely soundtrack to the premiere episode of Season 3 of Girls or at the very least The Mindy Project, “Hey, Doreen” is infinitely catchy, but perhaps the track’s greatest asset (or it’s maybe secret weapon) is it’s soulfulness; like you can imagine melodically “Hey, Doreen” (and we mean this in the absolutely best way possible) coming off the assembly line at Motown and out through the vocal cords of someone like Martha Reeves or Mary Wells; it’s that good. Lucius’ Wildewoman LP is out October 15th on Mom + Pop.

Lucius (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.3


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