August 7, 2015

MANOR – Can You Hear Me Talking At You


We are wowed by the indie psych-rock trappings of Melbourne male-female duo Manor (Caitlin Duff and Nathaniel Morse) on their soulful sweetly-quieting modest-cadenced guitar-driven Led-Zeppelin-deep new one called “Can You Hear Me Talking At You” which we like immensely for its schmaltzy 70’s lounge vibe vocal style, radiant glitter-tinged subtler-than-day synth accents and brightly-blanched guitar riffing. “Can You Hear Me Talking at You” is the title track off the duo’s forthcoming soon-to-released debut album and is the first material from Manor since their 2013 “Architecture” EP. Reviewed by Erin Shay.

MANOR (Soundcloud)

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